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Pritt - Thief (Example Application)

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*Have you read the Guild Laws?:  Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:  Yes
Character Name   : Johanna "Johnny" Pritt
*Character Class  : Rogue
 Character Level  : 90
 Player Age (18+) : Will provide in-interview
 Most Recent Guild: Blank (this is a guild name)
*Requested Role   : Thief
*Character Notes  :

Johanna "Johnny" Pritt is a young woman of roughly 20 years old who has known nothing but hardship for the last several years. Johnny grew up in Westfall with a family of men, her father and four older brothers, after her mother died in childbirth. With no mother to guide her feminine tendencies, Johnny developed into a tomboy, climbing trees and hunting snakes almost as well as her brothers.

When the Defias took over Westfall for the first time, Johnny's family was killed and her farm destroyed. She was 15 at the time. With nothing left to provide for herself, she took to stealing to survive. Over the last five years or so, she's gotten good at it - really good at it.

Johnny is a red-headed firecracker, always ready to snap at a sharp comment. She's an excellent thief, but she keeps herself to the darkness, making her bright red hair even brighter against pale skin or black armor, whichever happens to be showing at the time. Her social skills are severely lacking, but her pickpocketing skills are exemplary. She tends not to work well with others, but she would make an excellent solo-artist for thefts, small-time or big-time.

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