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Holtyr - Chaser

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1 Holtyr - Chaser on Sun Dec 07 2014, 22:20


Character Name: Holtyr Firewind. She usually calls herself Holt.
Character Class: Hunter
Current Level: 30
Most Recent Guild: N/A
Player Age (18+ only): Will give in interview.
Requested Role: Chaser
Character Notes:

Holtyr Firewind is a roughly 25-year old human girl. Born to a Lordaeron commoner family around halfway through the Second War, she spent her childhood attending school and learning her father's trade of trapping, hunting, and leather working alongside her sister. Her life continued in this manner until the advent of the Third War.
     Her father was called to fight, allowing him to escape from the city before the Plague hit it; Holtyr's mother, however, wasn't so lucky. Falling prey to sickness and with no remaining family, it was all she could do to ensure that Holtyr and her sister were taken away from Lordaeron with a group of refugees headed for Stormwind.
     After the arduous journey out of their home, Holtyr and her sister found themselves alone and lost in the massive city. With nowhere else to go, they went to the orphanage, and found a home there. Holtyr's sister was adopted by a rich noble family - Holtyr, however, was left in the orphanage, losing contact with her sister because of it. She remained there until she was old enough to leave on her own, at which point she immediately enlisted in the Alliance military in order to ensure she wouldn't starve.
     Holtyr fought as a marksman in Northrend until nearly the end of the war, when she suffered a grievous injury to her head and one eye that nearly killed her. She was deemed unfit to fight and sent back to Stormwind, where she took up her father's old trade, opening up a leather working store. This went well for a time, Holtyr's keen eye for hunting bringing in quality leather in high quantities - but eventually, a gnomish-run rival store opened across the street and decimated her business.
     With her livelihood gone, Holtyr is now a jaded, sarcastic war veteran who's only worry is making enough gold to live. Her skills as a marksman and hunter make her adept at navigating dangerous wilderness while keeping clients and their goods safe - and even more than that, she'll take any job she can get, regardless of the danger it may present. To her, the more gold, the better - risk is irrelevant. 

2 Re: Holtyr - Chaser on Mon Dec 08 2014, 09:06


Application reviewed and, contingent on successful OOC interview, approved by Espectra (guild lead) 12-08-2014.
OOC interview to convene at first available opportunity.

3 Re: Holtyr - Chaser on Mon Dec 08 2014, 20:05


OOC interview completed successfully by Espectra (guild lead) 12-08-2014.
Member invited 12-08-2014.  Member to promote to Chaser 01-08-2015.
Member potentially interested in advancement and promotion to leadership.

4 Re: Holtyr - Chaser on Fri Jan 02 2015, 23:01


Strike 3: 01-03-2015
Re-apply on: 04-03-2015
Strike 1 Begin: New Member
Strike 2: 12-08-2014
Strike 2 End: 01-08-2015
Statute: 2.1: Login
Number of Offenses: 1

Member was offline for a period of 19 days without login, a total of 5 days beyond the 14 day limit.  The additional 5 days was afforded to account for the holiday season.  Member may reapply in April.

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