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Samante - Chaser

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1Samante - Chaser Empty Samante - Chaser on Sun Jan 17 2016, 10:27


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   :Samante
*Character Class  :Warrior
 Character Level  :11
 Player Age (18+) :34
 Most Recent Guild: N/a (new to server)
*Requested Role   :Chaser
*Character Notes  :
Samante was a Darkshire resident, when the various plagues struck his family perished, at least he hopes they're dead rather than the alternatives.

He took to the sword as a means to ensure he could protect himself as a displaced youth on the streets of Stormwind.

Now he's ready to make his way in the world and figure out his place in it. 

2Samante - Chaser Empty Re: Samante - Chaser on Sun Jan 17 2016, 11:52


Application reviewed by Espectra (guild lead) 01-17-2016
OOC interview completed successfully, but application declined during IC interview.

Player encouraged to find a less-advanced writing community to get his bearings in post-hiatus.  He seemed to have some difficulty with grammar in general and, more specifically, punctuation as a result of being out of practice.

Player is encouraged to reapply at any time when he feels like he is back on top of things.

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