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Viveca - Diplomat

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1Viveca - Diplomat Empty Viveca - Diplomat on Fri Feb 19 2016, 22:19


Have you read the Guild Laws?: I have.
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Absolutely.
*Character Name   :  Viveca Greene

*Character Class  :  Mage
 Character Level  :  82
 Player Age (18+) :  25
 Most Recent Guild:  Aethlvohl Tailoring, Co.
*Requested Role   :  Diplomat
*Character Notes  :  
Viveca is a noblewoman from the Greene family of Stormwind. Her family's namesake has been that of green thumbs when harvesting wine and selling the fruits of their labor. Not their own labor, of course.

However, frivolous things have not sold as expectantly over the years. The people and kingdom have paid for wars and battle, and saving the world over the luxuries of relaxation and wine tastings, gay parties, and entertainment. During such times, hardship fell upon the family. As a means to stay afloat, more than half of the vineyards were sold, alongside the land with them. With the name dwindling, it has been up to Viveca and her family to restore their nobility by good name and faith, and pursuing other lines of work - whatever they may be.

With this in mind, and as long as to the public eye it keeps her family's name in the highest of graces, Viveca has set out to offer herself for employment, relations, networking, and even event planning should the occasion come up.

2Viveca - Diplomat Empty Re: Viveca - Diplomat on Sat Feb 20 2016, 00:28


Application reviewed and tentatively approved pending IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 02-20-2016
IC and OOC interview to be completed at first available opportunity.

3Viveca - Diplomat Empty Re: Viveca - Diplomat on Sun Feb 21 2016, 23:11


IC and OOC interview successfully completed by Espectra (guild lead) as of 02-21-2016.
Member to promote to Diplomat 03-21-2016
Member partner is Ventaril; however, due to Ventaril's current activity waiver, Lillyashdown will be standing in until Ventaril's activity waiver is released.

4Viveca - Diplomat Empty Re: Viveca - Diplomat on Fri Feb 26 2016, 17:46


Member left the guild of her own accord as a trio of friends (Hadlien, Viveca, Kaeyden) 02-25-2016.
One of the trip had a discussion with the guild leader regarding their exodus.  During the discussion, it was revealed that the assurances that were given to guild leadership that each of these members came as individuals and that they were not coming as a group was a lie.  The trio is, in the words of the certain member during that discussion, "a linked set."
Due to the unusual nature of the trio's exodus, a three-month ban is imposed.
Trio may reapply on 05-25-2016.

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