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Hadlien - Thief

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1Hadlien - Thief Empty Hadlien - Thief on Sat Feb 20 2016, 17:54


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes

Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes

Character Name   : Hadlien

Character Class  : Rogue

Character Level  : 60

Player Age (18+) : 19

Most Recent Guild: Aethlvohl Tailoring Co

Requested Role   : Thief (Spy)

Character Notes  :
    Hadlien Bergholme, a man of noble birth and questionable pursuits. The secondborn son of the noble house of Bergholme, he once had a promising future under that name, and his talents at tinkering and fencing promised to keep both his wits sharp and his physicality in top condition. In such circumstances, those outside of the family were shocked and bamboozled when the young man was disinherited and bodily removed from the family estate, without so much as a word to allied noble houses as to why.
   What the other houses did not know was the temperament of the young gentleman. Restless and bored by noble life, he'd taken up what he'd fancied was a vigilante life of crime. Young, hotheaded and more than a bit selfish, Hadley (as known by friends) capered about Westfall and other impoverished Alliance localities, under the impression he was "fighting the power" when in actuality he did little other than take up gambling, drink a bit more than was proper, and develop an unwholesome fascination with poisons.
   His family knew all about this, as he'd done quite a bit to show it off to them, mainly in a bid for attention. They were uneasily agreed on letting his actions slide, so to speak because he was not technically breaking any laws.
   That was, until he broke the law.
   This is all that can be discerned from those who were once closest to him. Now, out of house and home, sobered and humbled a measure, he seeks a place to ply his ill-gotten skills for coin. Able to both maneuver with class in the presence of high society and rub elbows with thieves in the back-alleys, he comes to you in the hopes of becoming whatever it is you need for a given evening; the attentive spy, or the courtly host.

2Hadlien - Thief Empty Re: Hadlien - Thief on Mon Feb 22 2016, 00:16


Application reviewed and tentatively approved pending IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 02-21-2016
IC and OOC interview to be completed at first available opportunity.

3Hadlien - Thief Empty Re: Hadlien - Thief on Tue Feb 23 2016, 20:48


IC and OOC interview successfully completed by Espectra (guild lead) 02-23-2016
Member to promote to Thief 03-23-2016
Member partner is Lyndonne

4Hadlien - Thief Empty Re: Hadlien - Thief on Fri Feb 26 2016, 17:46


Member left the guild of his own accord as a trio of friends (Hadlien, Viveca, Kaeyden) 02-25-2016.
One of the trip had a discussion with the guild leader regarding their exodus.  During the discussion, it was revealed that the assurances that were given to guild leadership that each of these members came as individuals and that they were not coming as a group was a lie.  The trio is, in the words of the certain member during that discussion, "a linked set."
Due to the unusual nature of the trio's exodus, a three-month ban is imposed.
Trio may reapply on 05-25-2016.

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