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Daerys - Thief

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1Daerys - Thief Empty Daerys - Thief on Sat Mar 12 2016, 19:02


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
Character Name   : Daerys *Nicknames* "D" or "Dae"
Character Class  : Rogue
Character Level  : 100
Player Age (18+) : 34
Most Recent Guild: Gravestone (Left after a few days, incompatible guild)
Requested Role   : Thief
Character Notes  : Daerys is the son of a merchant from Stormwind.  When he was a young boy the orcs beseiged the city and his father was killed in the chaos.  He was fortunate enough to be whisked away with a handful of survivors and they made their way to Lordaeron.

With no father figure to guide him Daerys took to sneaking and thieving as he grew.  Just before his teen years he was caught with his fingers in the cookie jar by a dwarven trader who was passing through the area.  Rather than turn him over to the guards or punish him, the dwarf took Daerys in and brought him to Ironforge.  There Daerys was brought into the rogues guild and given his skillset.

Eventually Daerys returned to Stormwind after it was rebuilt and was able to put his skills to use working for SI:7.  He was trained in espionage and counter-intelligence, and was already skilled in stealth, larceny, combat, and assassination.  Having proven his value he was disavowed, officially, and recruited into the SSA (Stormwind Special Activities) division of SI:7 and deployed to Northrend during the crisis of the scourge.

Daerys now works freelance, polling his contacts within SI:7 and the dwaves as resources during jobs or for contract work when the freelance world is lean.

2Daerys - Thief Empty Re: Daerys - Thief on Sun Mar 13 2016, 09:45


Application reviewed and approved, pending OOC and IC interview, by Espectra (guild lead) 03-13-2016
OOC and IC interview to be completed at the earliest available opportunity.

3Daerys - Thief Empty Re: Daerys - Thief on Sun Mar 13 2016, 23:59


OOC interview successfully completed by Rethelle (Chaser alien) 03-13-2016
IC interview successfully completed by Espectra (guild lead) 03-13-2016
Member to promote to Thief 04-13-2016
Member partner is Karliah

4Daerys - Thief Empty Re: Daerys - Thief on Sat Apr 02 2016, 19:16


Member left the guild of his own accord without notice to guild leadership on 04-02-2016
Due to leaving without warning, a 3-month ban is imposed.
Player may reapply on 07-02-2016

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