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Micke, Dikie, and Tyden - Brawler

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1Micke, Dikie, and Tyden - Brawler Empty Micke, Dikie, and Tyden - Brawler on Tue Dec 09 2014, 19:54


Character Name   : Micke Tyden, Dikie Tyden, and Ocksen "Ox" Tyden

Character Class  : Paladin, Warrior, and Warrior

Character Level  : 91, 92, and 86
Player Age (18+) : 19 (all three)

Most Recent Guild: House Oleander (Disbanded)
Requested Role   : Brawlers

Character Notes  :

Micke, Dikie, and Ox are triplets. If you were to ask them whose older and by how many seconds, they would all three reply with "We killed our mom."

Born in Redridge, the boys were wrapped together by their umbilical cords. Their abnormal size was already straining enough on the mother without them coming out as one package. The panicked father acted immediately, axe in hand he split the mother in two. The father instantly distraught from killing the mother scooped his triplets out of the carnage and fled the town. The father didn't stop until he reached Stranglethorn Vale. Setting up in the thick jungle the father decided to raise the three on his own. Never having any real education of his own and having served in the Stormwind Navy, the father focused on teaching combat and survival skills, teaching the triplets only basic language skills. The boys inherited his grotesque size and abnormal strength and, due to their lack of proper teaching, his stupidity. 

The father made a point to tell his children that they killed their mother when they were born. Though the boys have adopted this story and turned it into a story that explains their blood thick bond. When they say "We killed our mom." They mean to say they are a single entity, a team! When the misinformed brutes came to age, the father set them off to Booty Bay, with hopes that they would be able to earn money and possibly buy him a house. The boys, never interacting with anyone but their father, stumbled around Booty Bay for only an hour until their poor speech earned them a fight with the local bruisers. About fifteen goblin bruisers in the Brothers began to fall and were than jailed. A Goblin by the name Golburt had witnessed the three brothers' strength and payed the their bail. With his sharp wit the Goblin practically talked the brothers into being his slaves where they made to fight in the Gurubashi arena against the different gladiators the Gurubashi Trolls brought in. Win after win, the Trolls grew tired of being showed up in their own arena and set out to kill Golburt and his champions. After many failed assassination attempts on the brothers the Trolls gave up on them and focused on Golburt. Golburt died to the first assassin leaving the Brothers completely lost. The boys wandered back to where they're father had raised them but found the spot deserted. Unsure what to do, they chose a direction and began walking, hopping from caravan to caravan until they ended up in Stormwind, where they now trying to find a steady job and kind employer.

2Micke, Dikie, and Tyden - Brawler Empty Re: Micke, Dikie, and Tyden - Brawler on Tue Dec 09 2014, 21:48


Reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) and Fysh (Escort Enforcer) 12-09-2014
Member to promote to Brawler 01-09-2015
Member to be treated as ONE UNIT, not two.
Member has expressed interest in promoting to leadership.

3Micke, Dikie, and Tyden - Brawler Empty Re: Micke, Dikie, and Tyden - Brawler on Fri Feb 06 2015, 20:10


Strike 3: 02-06-2015
Re-apply on: 05-06-2015
Strike 1 Begin:  01-17-2015
Strike 2: 01-24-2015
Strike 2 End: 02-24-2015
Statute: 3.1 Login
Number of Offenses: 3

Member has been absent since two weeks prior to Strike 1 begin.  Mmber has been given ample chances since Strike 1 to return.  Member removed for inactivity.

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