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Nastajia - Diplomat

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1 Nastajia - Diplomat on Tue Mar 15 2016, 19:29


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes

*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes

*Character Name   : Nastajia Anicka Rykova (Tajia or Taj)

*Character Class  : Priest

Character Level  :  100

Player Age (18+) :  44 (I think, I lost track 10 years ago)

Most Recent Guild: Gravestone

*Requested Role   : Diplomat

*Character Notes  :

Tajia was born just after the reclaimation of Stormwind (2nd war).  Her parents moved to the area from Tirisfal hoping to build a new life.
Her mother is a seamstress and deals with "gentry", so she instilled manners and a lady-like demeanor in her daughter. Even though Tajia was not born into the upper class, she has the ability to move in their circles with little issue.
She is an only child and thus a bit spoiled. 

At age 19, she left the training room and went to Northrend to lend her aid to the war efforts.  
After Northrend, she wandered the world a bit until the lands of Pandaria were rediscovered.  She traveled there and had what she calls a walk-about.  It was there that she learned her affinity for both Light and Shadow came from within and channeled either positive or negative emotions.

2 Re: Nastajia - Diplomat on Sat Mar 19 2016, 13:56


Application approved after successful IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 03-16-2016
Member to promote to Diplomat 04-16-2016
Member partner is Elerune

3 Re: Nastajia - Diplomat on Mon Mar 28 2016, 20:21


Member left the guild of her own accord 03-25-2016 without notice.
Due to leaving without notice, a 3-month ban is imposed.
Member may reapply on 06-25-2016

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