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Skirick Golisage Application

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1Skirick Golisage Application Empty Skirick Golisage Application on Sun Apr 24 2016, 12:29


*Have you read the Guild Laws?:  Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:  Yes
Character Name   : Skirick Golisage
*Character Class  : Paladin
 Character Level  : 9
 Player Age (18+) : 21
 Most Recent Guild: None
*Requested Role   : Chaser
*Character Notes  :

((Skirick has a developing story))

Skirick Golisage is a young Paladin that has aspirations to become a Knight-Paladin of the Alliance.

Skirick was touched by the Light at a young age, and was sent to Northshire Abbey to learn the life and skills of a Paladin.  

Years of training did nothing for this young man, and trainers grew impatient - as Skirick was not progressing.  Eventually, Skirick met Jagher Von'Reich (A Knight-Captain of the Alliance), who saw the true potential of Skirick.  

Jagher quickly decided that the typical training through books, target dummies, and sparring was not how Skirick would meet his true potential.  After being sent away from Northshire Abbey, Skirick found himself desperate for some experience in the "real world".

2Skirick Golisage Application Empty Re: Skirick Golisage Application on Sun Apr 24 2016, 14:29


Application reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) after successful IC and OOC interview 04-24-2016
Member to promote to Chaser 05-24-2016
Member partner is Lysali

3Skirick Golisage Application Empty Re: Skirick Golisage Application on Thu Apr 28 2016, 17:36


Member left of his own accord after struggling to accept constructive criticism 04-28-2016
Since member was still in probationary period, and because the conversation ended somewhat amicably despite the circumstances, player may reapply for membership at any time.

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