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Velesandra - Chaser

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1Velesandra - Chaser Empty Velesandra - Chaser on Sun May 01 2016, 18:48


*Have you read our Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name: Velesandra “Vel” Vynthera
*Character Class: Hunter
Current Level: 100
Most Recent Guild: Only been in it a few days, guild leader is immature. I would be happy to refer you to guilds I’ve been in for a longer amount of time!
Player Age (18+ only): 18
*Requested Role: Chaser
*Character Notes:

Velesandra Vynthera is a young woman in her mid-twenties. So she was told. At a very young age, Velesandra was stolen from her family and sold to various gladiator rings. She spent her life fighting for her life -- resulting in the loss of her eye. She learned different languages and cultures, her human nature stripped from her. When she turned fifteen, she was bought by a mage to help her fight her way to freedom.

After she officially got out at 18, she spent her times getting accustomed to a new life. She started learning to track and hunt people. Living as a mercenary and trafficking illegal and legal items in and out of cities regularly. She learned to communicate with both horde and alliance since she spoke fluent Orcish. Up until now she has been wandering to different places to try and find the right fit without returning to her old life.

Velesandra is quick with her tongue and in combat. She has excellent hearing and a good sense of her surroundings. She works hard and is extremely loyal to those she puts her trust in. She gets her job done with no questions asked.

2Velesandra - Chaser Empty Re: Velesandra - Chaser on Sun May 01 2016, 22:28


Application reviewed and approved after successful IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 05-01-2016
Member to promote to Chaser 06-01-2016
Member partner is Lysali

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