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Lillyashdown - Opportunist Enforcer

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1 Lillyashdown - Opportunist Enforcer on Mon May 02 2016, 16:40


01)*Character Name: Lilly Ashdown

02)*Role: Opportunist

03)*Do you have alt characters in other guilds, on this server or another?: No

04)*Have you completed your mentorship quarter?: Yes

05)*Which enforcer mentored you?: Espectra

06)*Have you read the leadership section of the guild laws?: Yes

07)*Do you believe you have what it takes to meet the requirements outlined in that section?: Yes

08) How many events did you attend during your mentorship quarter, including events led by you?: I have attended about 5 scheduled events. 1 event was led by me. 

09) How many events did you lead during your mentorship quarter?: 1

10) Was your mentor present at each of the events you led?: Yes

11) If your mentor was not present at one or more of the events you led, who supervised your event(s)?: n/a

12)*Describe which of your personal traits will be an asset to you as an enforcer: I think that my friendly nature will be an asset in being an enforcer. I think that being able to easily make friends with both guild members and any other players that I may meet helps in having others accept me in the leadership role and could benefit the reputation of the guild. Currently, I am beginning to work on interacting more with the public outside of the guild, which I expect to be successful at, given time.

13) If you had to name your best enforcer quality, what would it be?: Effort

14) Based on the leadership section of our guild laws, do you believe that you have areas that you need to improve in? If so, where?: Yes. I would like to continue to improve my influence within the RP community at large. I am currently not someone that any of the major figures on the server would have heard of. With the Rivals of Trust having a long term goal of becoming a staple in the RP community, this is an important trait to have. I am looking forward to working on this skill as time goes on.

15) What tools do you have available to you that will assist you as an enforcer?: Here is a brief list of the tools I plan to make use of as an enforcer: 
- Elephant (chat logging) 
- RoT website 
- Dropbox (secure storage of guild logs) 
- Wrymrest Accord Facebook group & WoW forum page 
- Communication skills

16) Do you believe that you are lacking any tools that you will need to be a successful enforcer? If so, explain: No

17) What are some examples of situations in which you believe you acted in a leadership capacity?: Currently, the closest example I have with the guild of acting in a leadership capacity would be my assistance with recruiting. I have done several IC and OOC interviews for recruits at this point, and look forward to assisting with that more in the future. As far as working with the existing members of the guild in a leadership capacity, that is something that I believe I have still yet to experience.

18) In any of the above situations, did you step in to lead when you were not scheduled to do so?: I was not scheduled in advance to assist with recruiting the times that I have. As mentioned before, I have yet to lead existing members in any real leadership capacity.

19) Describe a situation in which you took initiative: One situation that I believe I took initiative with the guild would be when I suggested creating the Minutes section of the website. I continue to work on this project to this day, and keep it up to date. I think that it has been a success, as with the inclusion of Networking Night information, even those outside of the guild are utilizing it. Since being in my mentorship program, I have unexpectedly run a Networking Night event as well.

20)*What does the term "integrity" mean to you?: To me personally, integrity has always meant doing the right thing even when no one is watching you. It is making sure that you do things the way that you are supposed to so that you can be successful. I attribute my integrity to my professional success in my career, and I think that will carry over to the guild nicely.

21) Are there any members of the guild that you dislike? (Yes or no is fine; you need not name them.): No

22) Are there any members of the guild that you favor? (Again, no names.): Yes

23) With an understanding of the above two answers, do you believe that those feelings will hinder your success as an enforcer?: I don't believe that these feelings will affect my success as an enforcer. I believe that I am good at setting my feelings aside when I am required to be objective. There have been guild members that I have strongly disliked in the past, but I don't believe that anyone was able to pick up on that. It is important to treat others fairly in any situation, regardless of its in a position of leadership. Overall, I do like the majority of the people I meet, so I do not have troubles with that often.

2 Re: Lillyashdown - Opportunist Enforcer on Mon May 02 2016, 16:55


Application reviewed by Espectra (mentoring Enforcer) 05-02-2016
Espectra puts forth a positive recommendation to the guild to promote the above applicant to Enforcer effective immediately.
Vote to be put to the guild at the next guild meeting.

3 Re: Lillyashdown - Opportunist Enforcer on Tue Aug 09 2016, 12:57


Member abandoned guild leadership and the guild as a whole on the evening of 7/26/2016.  Member has not been in contact with guild leadership to explain her sudden departure.  Player will not be permitted a position of leadership in this guild again should she decide to return to the guild at a later date.

Espectra (guild lead) 08/09/2016

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