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Ferum - Chaser

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1 Ferum - Chaser on Wed Dec 17 2014, 17:52


Character Name   : Ferum Tal'zaram
Character Class  : Druid
Character Level  : 92
Player Age (18+) : 19
Most Recent Guild: Alliance Offensive
Requested Role   : Chaser
Character Notes  : Ferum Tal'zaram, a very skilled healer, and a Druid of the wild was a very cultured Kal Dorei, not venturing far from his homeland as he practiced druidism, and the art of healing mostly. As the Night Elves were absorbed into the Alliance this young druid found himself sucked into this new culture, but not quite forgetting about his own. He found all of the new sights and creatures so incredibly interesting that he was nearly never seen back in his homeland of Darnassus. After many years of training and aiding the Alliance in their many ventures Ferum had become quite the prominent healer. 
Once the Iron Horde invaded Ferum was sent to the front line in the invasion of the Dark Portal in Tanaan jungle, only to be knocked out cold and suffering from temporary amnesia, since then he fell into the wrong crowd, and a tainted mind set. The Druid had found himself falling in with a group of Draenic bandits where he had taken up the feral arts as apposed to that of the healer. This new group that he fell in with changed his personality almost completely from an understanding, wise, and accepting healer to a rough housing thief and killer.

2 Re: Ferum - Chaser on Wed Dec 17 2014, 18:34


Reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 12-17-2014.
Approval contingent on player's willingness to accept constructive criticism in writing structure (punctuation, sentence structure, word flow).
Member registered for English classes for Spring semester, which will help.
After brief discussion with new member regarding potential guild role, member and reviewer both agreed that the Chaser role was not a good fit for member's character despite the druid's natural understanding of the wilds.  Member to be slotted as a Brawler as an outlet for extreme anger and a method for strengthening himself for the purpose of revenge.
Member to promote to Brawler 01-17-2015.

3 Re: Ferum - Chaser on Mon Dec 22 2014, 22:05


Strike 3: 12-22-2014
Re-apply on: 03-22-2015
Strike 3 Removal: 12-23-2014
Strike 1 Begin: New Member
Strike 2: 12-17-2014
Strike 2 End: 01-17-2014
Statute: 1.1: Code of Public Conduct
Number of Offenses: 1

Member pushed back when denied permission to harass opposite-faction players in roleplay.  Member proceeded to log opposite-faction main and harass RoT members in roleplay instead.  Text logs are available as confirmation that Ferum and Zinthero are one and the same.

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