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Good - Opportunist

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1Good - Opportunist Empty Good - Opportunist on Sat May 07 2016, 22:23


Have you read the Guild Laws?: I've read the Guild Laws, as well as the Code of Conduct.
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes!
*Character Name   : Good
*Character Class  : Rogue
 Character Level  : 31
 Player Age (18+) : 22
 Most Recent Guild: Blackbird (Moon Guard)
*Requested Role   : Opportunist

*Character Notes  : Following the fall of Gilneas, Elizabeth Good was faced with a choice. She could try to find somewhere to settle down, perhaps marry a nice fellow and build a suitable family, or she could do actually something interesting with her life.

She chose the latter. She put all four of her family members to rest after they fell in Sylvanas' incursion- leaving them and her old life behind on Gilneas before making her way to the Eastern Kingdoms.

No stranger to death, she quickly ended up studying as an apprentice to Signus Ashby, one of Darkshire's resident undertakers and alchemists. Now at the end of the apprenticeship, she seeks some other way to make her fortune.

2Good - Opportunist Empty Re: Good - Opportunist on Sat May 07 2016, 22:35


Approved by Lillyashdown (enforcer in training) with Espectra (guild lead)'s supervision. 

Completed IC and OOC interviews May 7, 2016. 

Member partner will be Stersen.

3Good - Opportunist Empty Re: Good - Opportunist on Sun Jun 05 2016, 15:22


Member left the guild of her own accord 06-05-2016
Member will be permitted to reapply 09-05-2016

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