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Dracovious - Chaser

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1Dracovious - Chaser  Empty Dracovious - Chaser on Wed May 11 2016, 20:18


I have read the guild laws, and agree to abide by them. 
My Character name is Dracovious Alexander Svenson 
My Character is a Druid.
My Character is Level 94 *should be 100 by like end of next week if schedule is right 
Just aged 18 on May 1st. 
No prior guild on this character. New main character. 
My requested role is a Chaser of Refined Status. 

Dracovious was born in the military district of Gilneas under his mother Eliza Svenson and father Abraham Svenson whom was a commander in Gilneas' naval fleet. When their naval fleet was decommissioned shortly before Sylvanas invaded with her Forsaken army, Dracovious and his family were put out of their home as his father was put out of a job in the fleet. His father, ashamed of what became of his family, was arrested and hung along with a group of conspirators whom were thrown out of the military that started a group of marauders to support themselves and their kin. The young man whom once spent his days at royal military balls with his family now had to struggle off scraps as a homeless juvenile in the sewers of Gilneas, supporting his mother and young baby sister himself. That was, until the Forsaken came. His family was slain by the undead, an all too common trait many natives of Gilneas now share. Dracovious himself was turned by the curse, but taken in by the Night Elves with other Worgen refugee and trained in the Druidic ways. He now seeks to amass his knowledge of the world through quests such as guarding diplomats and much more adventurous deeds, which is where the Rivals of Trust fit into his story.

2Dracovious - Chaser  Empty Re: Dracovious - Chaser on Sun May 22 2016, 14:40


Application declined due to player inactivity.

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