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1Xarian - Brawler Empty Xarian - Brawler on Sat May 21 2016, 21:04


*Have you read the Guild Laws?:  Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:  Yes
Character Name   : Elizabeth Berzelius
*Character Class  : Knight
 Character Level  : 100
 Player Age (18+) : 25
 Most Recent Guild: The Legion of the Dawn
*Requested Role   : Brawler
*Character Notes  :

Born many years ago to a poor family. A peasant. Her father was a beggar and a thief. A desperate man with desperate measures to feed the mouths of his family. Elizabeth was born as 'Sarah Bightwall', an only daughter brought into a cruel world of violence and agony. She struggled to just survive starvation for her younger years, deprived of a childhood. By her teenage years her family had perished - through war or hunger, it mattered not. She ran away, enlisting in the Stormwind Army. For a shred of hope for a normal life - a steady paycheck, but surely a guarenteed death on the battlefield.

War. Destruction. The screams of dying children. She witnessed it all. Did her best to keep calm in the face of adversity. The military she felt was righteous in cause. She served an honorable commander. A commander that saw an inkling of promise in the young woman. A glimmer of leadership that had yet to be polished. He took her under his wing. A squire, so to speak. He taught her the ways of the Knight. Of chivalry. Nobility. Humility, and dedication to the king.

But, as all things do in times of war - chaos takes hold. Her company faced horrors that only the most strong could even dream of. Slain before her eyes - her commander bled to death in her arms. He gave her his sword, the station of a Knight. He had forged a woman of virtue. She took control of her life.

She quickly rose through the ranks of the Alliance with the years to follow, taking part in the Northrend invasion, aftermath of the Cataclysm, even adventures into Pandaria. Distinguishing herself at every turn, honor and courage guided her actions. Even in moments of despair, she would stumble - falling to her knees, just to fight her way back up from the brink of destruction and ruin. 

'Justicar'. It was a fitting title. It was a title the woman deserved. A justice to the king of Stormwind. For her countless years of selfless service. She now faces a new dilemma...

"It matters naught what we have become through our lives. It matters what we go into the grave as. Will the Light find me worthy? Of course not. I am a sinner. I have stood by idly and watched men torture... unspeakable experiments. I look now for the strength to persevere to my death - staying righteous to the end. A Light shining brightly in a darkness that threatens to overcome us all..."             - Justicar Elizabeth Berzelius

2Xarian - Brawler Empty Re: Xarian - Brawler on Sat May 21 2016, 21:43


Application reviewed and approved after successful IC interview by Espectra (guild lead) and OOC interview by Lillyashdown (Enforcer) 05-21-2016
Member to promote to Brawler 06-21-2016
Member partner is Khatuun

3Xarian - Brawler Empty Re: Xarian - Brawler on Sun Jun 05 2016, 15:24


Member left the guild without a word to guild leadership 05-30-2016
Member may reapply for guild membership 08-30-2016

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