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*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes.
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes.
*Character Name   : Olivia Citi
*Character Class  : Druid
 Character Level  : 76
 Player Age (18+) : 21
 Most Recent Guild: The Tipsy Hourglass. Only was apart of the guild as OOC, but my main is still apart of the guild, ICly.
*Requested Role   : Chaser
*Character Notes  : 

Bought from refugees, Olivia was raised as nothing more then a house pet to a noble in Stormwind. She never ventured outside and remained feral for far too long while in his 'care.' When her master passed, Olivia was released into Stormwind by the Master's wife who never wanted a worgen house pet.

After wreaking havoc in Stormwind for weeks, someone finally took pity on the wild girl. The mage managed to subdue Olivia and transported her to Darnassus, where she was finally able to get the help she desperately needed.  

It was there that she finally gained control of her mind and her magic. She excelled in shape-shifting, her trainer having called her a natural when it came to taking a different shape, but she did her best to learn healing. Wanting to have the power to heal others, like how the elves had done for her. 

Now, Olivia has returned to Stormwind to experience everything she missed when she was someone else's pet. 

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Application reviewed and approved by Lillyashdown (Opportunist Enforcer) after successful OOC interview. 06/30/2016

Invited to guild as OOC member until IC interview can be completed. IC interview to be completed on 07/01/2016, or at earliest availability.

3Livciti - Chaser Empty Re: Livciti - Chaser on Fri Jul 01 2016, 16:11


IC interview successfully completed 07/01/2016. 

Member to promote to Chaser 08/01/2016.

Member partner to be Halvar.

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