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Wobblegear - Opportunist

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1Wobblegear - Opportunist Empty Wobblegear - Opportunist on Sat Jul 09 2016, 19:52


Have you read the Guild Laws? Yes
Do you agree to follow the Guild Laws? Yes
Character Name: Aria Wobblegear
Character Class: Death Knight
Character Level: 100
Player Age: Late 20s
Most Recent Guild: Can't remember
Requested Role: Opportunist
Character Notes: 
Wobblegear is a cheery little gnome! Her likes include tinkering, alchemy, scheming, fighting, diplomacy, and long walks through Tinkertown and the Deeprun Tram. Her dislikes include tromping through smelly swamps, sneaking into battle, religious zealots, and salty food. Her conversion to Death Knight was not kind. As a result, she is only capable of speaking Gnomish. Don't let that put you off! She's still able to understand Common just fine, and has quite the penmanship! She loves meeting new folk, so don't hesitate to talk to her!

2Wobblegear - Opportunist Empty Re: Wobblegear - Opportunist on Sun Jul 10 2016, 02:09


Application reviewed and tentatively approved pending IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 07/10/2016 (Early morning)

Under normal circumstances, both IC and OOC interview would be completed by Lillyashdown (Opportunist Enforcer); however, due to some prior discussion with this applicant regarding possible scheduling difficulties, Guild Mistress reserves the right to OOC interview, and OOC interview must be completed before IC interview may commence.

OOC interview to be completed at first available opportunity.  Application will be valid for one week until 07/17/2016.  OOC interview must be completed prior to this deadline.

3Wobblegear - Opportunist Empty Re: Wobblegear - Opportunist on Mon Jul 18 2016, 18:33


Spoke with applicant 07/18/2016. OOC interview had not yet been done due to scheduling restrictions. Will grant an extension until 07/25/2016 for this. 

Applicant has requested that both OOC and IC interviews be performed at the same time. Will contact either Espectra or Lillyashdown when available.

4Wobblegear - Opportunist Empty Re: Wobblegear - Opportunist on Mon Jul 18 2016, 19:49


OOC interview completed by Espectra (guild lead) 07-18-2016 due to wanting applicant to have the freedom to do IC interview at her leisure.

IC interview to be completed at first available opportunity by Lillyashdown (opportunist enforcer).

5Wobblegear - Opportunist Empty Re: Wobblegear - Opportunist on Sun Jul 24 2016, 21:10


IC interview completed 07/24/2016 by Lillyashdown (Opportunist Enforcer). 

Will promote to Opportunist 08/23/2016.

6Wobblegear - Opportunist Empty Re: Wobblegear - Opportunist on Tue Aug 23 2016, 15:41


Strike 3: 08-23-2016
Re-apply on:  011-23-2016
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 07-24-2016
Statute: 3: Activity
Number of Offenses: 1

Member has been completely inactive since joining the guild.  Discussion of activity requirements was covered during OOC interview, and guild leadership was assured she'd meet them.  Unfortunately, this has not happened.

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