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Nyctemar - Chaser

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Character name: Nyctemar

Character level: 42 (As of now, currently leveling)

Age: 21

Most recent Guild: N/a (None for this character)

Desired Position: Chaser
I love to Pve, and at the same time, can PvP when required (even if that is not something I commonly love to do)

Character Notes:
Nyctemar is a secretive woman who commonly can be found in the formĀ of a navy blue cat. She is calm and collected, prideful, but not arrogant or shortsighted. She holds a very careful approach to situations, unless angered, and her sense of honor would never allow her to fall back on a task until she has led it to full completion.
Her backstory will be found out if you know her, however some quick notes of it may be, that as a young girl, the party she had gone gathering with in the forest were attacked by fel-changed creatures, slaughtering all but her, who had happened to wander just far enough that she remained from their sight. In fact, she had not even realized herĀ group had been attacked, until she returned to find them all dead. It was at that time that she found herself 'taken' by a stranger, where she learned the art of shape shifting.

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Application reviewed by Espectra (guild lead).
Application declined due to inability to communicate with player.

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