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Sidures Brawler

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1Sidures Brawler Empty Sidures Brawler on Sat Oct 01 2016, 23:00


Have you read the Guild Laws?:
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:
Character Name   :Sidures
Character Class  :Death Knight
Character Level  :110
Player Age (18+) :36
Most Recent Guild:Casually Hardcore
Requested Role   :Brawler
Character Notes  :

He does not remember much of his past, except being raised in that cold, dark room. The hallowed voice of his king commanded him to rise, don his new armor, and to serve him. His new strength was growing. The voice called to him again, and he obeyed. The heavy, saronite blade was to be his weapon. The deep runes carved into it, the long metal hooking like a talon, fastened to a dark twisted wood shaft, wrapped in various colors of leather. Power washed over him, as he picked it up. As he claimed it. Master, and servant. Towering doors opened behind him, light flooding the room, and causing him to look away for a moment

"Ride out and join your brothers.." The voice in his head commanded, and he obeyed, despite their terrified screams.

Sidures shook his head, washing away memories of the past. He finally noticed the water washing over his boots, as they sank into the mud.

"How long have I been standing here" 

He quickly kicked the mud from his boots.

Then, the cries came.
From behind the tall walls of Stormwind City.

He freed his heavy weapon from his back, seeing the faint hint of fel green fire glowing over the walls of the great city.

"You see now war is coming again."

His king's voice told him

"Now rise and prepare."

2Sidures Brawler Empty Re: Sidures Brawler on Sun Oct 02 2016, 16:58


Application reviewed by Espectra (guild lead) 2016-10-02
OOC interview successfully completed by Espectra (guild lead) 2016-10-02

Player wishes to develop a full campaign that will eventually lead to the character joining the guild.  New campaign to begin the end of October.  Player is permitted TEMP membership until that campaign's conclusion.

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