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Grayfield - Opportunist

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1Grayfield - Opportunist Empty Grayfield - Opportunist on Sun Oct 09 2016, 16:03


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes

*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes

*Character Name   : Judas Grayfield

*Character Class  : Warlock

 Character Level  : 108

 Player Age (18+) : 21

 Most Recent Guild: Clergy of the Holy Light

*Requested Role   : Opportunist

*Character Notes  :
Judas is a man that's hard to forget once you meet him. Multi-faceted, and extraordinarily eloquent in his vocabulary, Judas was raised from birth to be a man of confidence, elegance, and absolute formality. 

This led to his eventual path down the dark road of Warlockhood. His confidence gave him a true, carnal lust for power that at one point granted him the title of Grand Apostate within the now defunct High Warlock Council. 

Born in Stratholme, Judas is no stranger to total destruction. When his birthplace was burned to the ground and left in undead ruins however, Judas was not one to grovel and plea for the sanctity of the Light. By then, his quest for control over demons and unholy afflictions had already begun; a power which he used to silence his foes and strike fear into the hearts of their families. 

Though not particularly evil, as the man holds no palpable desire to rule the world, Judas is often perceived as a malicious individual. His methods of enacting revenge are cruel and violent, though steeped in subtle details and gothic imagery. That is to say, Judas makes his enemies suffer, rather than kill them outright. As an ally, Judas is formidable and indomitable, using all means available to irradicate his enemies, and the enemies of his allies.

A man of wealth, power, and moderate political standing, Judas Grayfield could make one's life a springtime breeze, or a living hell with no foreseeable exit.

Atop all of this, Judas has also published two books, and is currently working on a third. Pursuers of the dark arts may know of the two, though the texts are obscure in nature. The first of his two published so far is titled, "The All-Seeing Eye"; a book that details not only the intricate properties of summoning an Eye of Kilrogg, but how such an eye could be bound to the Warlock, granting vision far superior than the naked eye. The second book, far less useful than the former, is titled "Springtime For Archimonde"; a satirical novel that parodies Archimonde's nefarious betrayal of the Draenei people, growing into a more gothic novel with each passing page. The latter of the two has received less than promising reviews.

Recently, Judas has abandoned his status as a Politician to openly partake in his status as a Warlock. He's happy to teach any and all on the powers and risks of the Fel, and currently seeks a student to teach!

2Grayfield - Opportunist Empty Re: Grayfield - Opportunist on Sun Oct 09 2016, 16:06


Application reviewed and DECLINED by Espectra (guild lead) 2016-10-09 on the grounds that player's conduct while a member of the guild was unacceptable.  Guild leadership has screenshots of inappropriate conversation with non-leadership members in addition to comments by several members, leadership and non-leadership alike proving this fact.

In addition, guild leadership believes that the player's attempt to force his way back into the guild is not only unacceptable but also lacks the maturity that the guild seeks from its members.

Due to this application being the player's second, the player will not be permitted to apply again in the future.

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