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Senaun - Chaser

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1Senaun - Chaser Empty Senaun - Chaser on Mon Jan 05 2015, 20:59


Name: Senaun
Class: Shaman (Enhancement)
Character Level: 42 (At time of submission)
Player Age: 18
Most Recent Guild: N/A (Horde PvE Guild if you want it.. Geronimo-Stormreaver)
Requested Role: Chaser
Character Notes: Volatile character, Senaun can be quite wicked, and likes to make jokes, however, she is quite talented in the ways of combat and is happy to fight anyone deemed an enemy. Always happy to make a profit, currently looking for a cause for her talents.

Extra Note: If accepted, I would like to join my alliance main with the guild, Lynsen. He is also an RP toon and details are as follows
Class: Paladin
Character Level: 90
Most Recent Guild: N/A

2Senaun - Chaser Empty Re: Senaun - Chaser on Fri Jan 09 2015, 14:04


Application reviewed by Espectra (guild lead).
Application declined due to inability to communicate with player.

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