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Deverren - Whatever is suitable?

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1Deverren - Whatever is suitable? Empty Deverren - Whatever is suitable? on Wed Jan 14 2015, 18:39


Character: Deverren
Class: Death Knight
Level: 100
Age: 19 going on 20
Most recent guild: Cozmic Playground
Role requested?: Anything that would fit my character
(I do not know which role I'd be best suited for)
History: Not much is known of my past because The Lich King wiped my memory, although I get bits and peaces back here and there when I discover things that are linked to my life before I died...

Once I helped in the killing of The Lich King, I went back to the Necropolis where Death Knights are trained all the time. I trained some more in the dark arts of undead controlling and undead raising. I practiced for years till I mastered the ability to control Lich's. The High-lord saw these abilities as highly useful and decided to somewhat promote me to what only few could become, Lich Lord... The High Lord has forbidden the training of such arts ever since the events of Draenor. The Lich Lords have all been given a set of armor to match their title that is unobtainable by any other ranking of The Ebon Blade. 

I now control Lich's as well as a portion of Ebon Blade Knights... As well as obvious undead that I chose to raise...

The Frost-Glaive was given to me as my status in the Ebon Blade.
As for the Yeti, that is a long story...

(Still developing and changes to be made possibly)

2Deverren - Whatever is suitable? Empty Re: Deverren - Whatever is suitable? on Wed Jan 14 2015, 19:10


Reviewed by Espectra (guild lead) 1-14-2015.
Application declined.  Player seems inexperienced in team-based roleplay, and his character is a poor fit for a guild environment.  Encouraged player to redesign a character that would work well starting from the ground up and developing the character through roleplay rather than writing the character's power development and primary story into the character's history.

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