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Friedrich - Chaser

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1Friedrich - Chaser Empty Friedrich - Chaser on Thu Jan 15 2015, 19:00


*Character Name   : Friedrich Barker / Ellemayne
*Character Class  : Druid
 Character Level  : 94
 Player Age (18+) : 18
 Most Recent Guild: New to Server
*Requested Role   : Chaser
*Character Notes  :

Friedrich Barker was, before the siege of Gilneas, a local Harvest Witch for a hamlet not far from the city boundary. Life within the walled city of Gilneas was tough on the local farming communities as they had to produce enough food to feed a growing city and with that the population, it was for these reasons they turned to the amateur Druidism, and it was this job that Friedrich found himself adept at. Known throughout the community as a slow to anger, wise, and cheerful man he grew to be a recognizable figure among the population.

However, during one of his regular trips to the city to retrieve the reagents required for his rituals, he returned to the desolation the Forsaken left upon his small village. Seeing the corpses of those he cared so much for threw him into a foolish rage, charging into the fray with but his stave, he found himself hopelessly overpowered and outnumbered. This is when the curse of the Worgen revealed itself and through his rage it was corrupted, never would Friedrich have true control over his Worgen form, his memories of his time spent transformed being a mix of flashback and clouded dream-like visions.

After his eventual escape from the frontline of Gilneas upon a Darnassian ship, he found himself in the homeland of the Night Elves who groomed and perfected his Druidic abilities. Only now does he leave his adoptive home in search of adventure and perhaps redemption, now a Druid of the Wild.

2Friedrich - Chaser Empty Re: Friedrich - Chaser on Thu Jan 15 2015, 20:13


Reviewed by Espectra (guild lead) 1-15-2015
Approved by Espectra (guild lead) 1-15-2015 after successful OOC interview.
Member to partner with Kenris.
Member to promote to Chaser 2-15-2015

3Friedrich - Chaser Empty Re: Friedrich - Chaser on Sun Feb 15 2015, 07:43


Strike 3:  02-15-2015
Re-apply on:  05-15-2015
Strike 1 Begin:  New Member
Strike 2:  01-15-2015
Strike 2 End:  02-15-2015
Statute:  3.1: Login
Number of Offenses:  1

Member was absent for a period of 14 days during the initial probationary period of one month.  Member is encouraged to reapply on 05-15-2015, assuming that his schedule permits active participation.

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