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1Braelgar--Chaser Empty Braelgar--Chaser on Fri Feb 06 2015, 23:41


Character Name: Braelgar Dunwald

Character Class: Hunter

Character Level: 12

Player Age (18 +): 23

Most Recent Guild: N/A (I'm a returning player who hasn't been in a heavy RP guild since before WoD, and the current guild-lead has been absent for over a year.)

Requested Role: Chaser

Character Notes:

Description: "Though sharing the short stature of his Dwarven kin, Braelgar's barrel-chested physique is rocky and powerful. His skin is tanned a rich brown from a life spent outdoors, and his leathery face is windburned after countless days of riding Gryphons.

His features are square and angular, as if they were hewn from the very mountains of his homeland. He has a strong jaw and a blocky nose, (much to his dismay,) but his eyes shine with an almost primal sense of perception. Braelgar's  beard is kept long and braided, with his coal coloured hair bound into a simple top-knot.

He is obviously fond of ornamentation, with pieces of Troll-bone piercing his eyebrow, ears and nipples. Usually seen shirtless, indigo tattoos cover his entire torso, displayed with pride in elaborate patterns of tribalistic artistry. Three large scars rake his chest from shoulder to ribs, still an angry red with a fresh story to tell.

Smelling of sandalwood and riding leather, Braelgar exudes a strange balance of control...and ferocity."

Backstory: "In the Eastern Kingdoms, little is known of this reclusive Dwarf, save that he is from the sprawling mountains of The Aerie, and that he often keeps wilder company than civilised society would prefer. While generally amiable, he is marked by occasionally dramatic mood-swings, and it is not uncommon to find him in gruff or taciturn spirits. 

He has become something of a recent oddity--in fact, a curiosity in Human lands, speaking seldom to the strangers in cities with the exception of doing trade. Despite his tough exterior, however, it is evident that a thirst for...something, drives him. Righting wrongs, perhaps? Seeing the world? Only the trees would know, for they are the few who see him for long."

2Braelgar--Chaser Empty Re: Braelgar--Chaser on Sat Feb 07 2015, 00:21


Reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 02-06-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 03-06-2015
Member partner to be Fysh.

3Braelgar--Chaser Empty Re: Braelgar--Chaser on Sat Mar 14 2015, 21:17


Member and Leadership mutually agreed that member's schedule was not going to permit him to meet activity requirements for the foreseeable future.  Member voluntarily left the guild 03-14-2015.

Leadership encouraged member to reevaluate his situation in three months to see if his schedule at the time would be more forgiving.  Member will consider.

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