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Kaelbor - Chaser

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1 Kaelbor - Chaser on Fri Feb 06 2015, 23:55


Character Name: Kaelbor
Character Class: Hunter
Character Level: 100
Player Age: 18+
Most Recent Guild: None, there weren't any this good.
Requested Role: Chaser

Deep in the gloomy forest of Duskwood sat a lone church. At one time it was a place of worship, shelter for those without homes, and a place for the starving to sate their incredible hunger. Now it has been abandoned and left for the vile dead to desecrate. Within this abandoned temple knelt a single man, crossbow slung over his back and bolts that shimmered faintly with a golden glow. His face was hidden by a thick, gray hooded cloak that covered most of his body. The low, raspy voice could be heard echoing all the way to the high ceiling. "Light forgive the damned who wander these halls, for they did not choose this fate." The man would be stopped by the sound a footstep. The silver-blue of his dull eyes darted to the left, catching movement out of the corner of his eye, he would begin again. "Light forgive the damned who wander these halls, for they did not choose this fate." Once again he heard something but this time it was the scream of a raging ghoul rushing from the shadows to devour him. The hooded ranger continued his chant, "And light forgive me for spilling blood on this hallowed ground." At that he slings the crossbow around and into his hands, one bolt already loaded. He'd fire it between the ghouls eyes and the unholy beast would collapse to the ground, the sizzle of cooking flesh could be heard as the holy magic burned away at the undead's face. The man plants a well-armored boot upon the ghoul's head and rips out his bolt with a gut-wrenching crack, he'd reload the crossbow as the dead slowly shambled into the temple. The ranger began again, "Light forgive the damned who wander these halls, for they did not choose this fate."

2 Re: Kaelbor - Chaser on Sat Feb 07 2015, 00:00


Reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 02-06-2015.
New member is a reapply by Aronar (alt) after removal from guild for inactivity.
New member to promote to Chaser 03-06-2015.
New member's partner to be Kenris.

3 Re: Kaelbor - Chaser on Wed Apr 22 2015, 17:49


Strike 3: 04-22-2015
Re-apply on:  N/A
Strike 1: Returning Member
Strike 2: 02-06-2015
Statute: 3.1: Login
Number of Offenses: 1

Member was offline for a period of more than a month beginning during his probationary period with only a notice of one-week absence.  This is the second time player has been removed from the guild for inactivity.  Player will not be permitted to reapply.

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