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Damienc - Thief

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1Damienc - Thief Empty Damienc - Thief on Sun Feb 08 2015, 14:05


Name: Damien Crowsong
Nickname: Crow

Class: Rogue

Level: 34

Age: (I will speak with the enforcer if I am approached.)

Requesting role of: Thief

Notes: Damien has seen his share of grief. Though lucky enough to not be afflicted, he lost mostly everything in Gilneas, as most who lived there have. He is twenty-nine years old and wants to try and forge bonds with new people while still making a living. Yeah, kind of lame for someone of this profession, but a guy gets lonely. The reason being he took this path is that he would have this habit of always stealing things from his sister, around the house, or around the shops in the city. He rarely got caught, and when he was, all he recieved was a scolding. No one thought he would continue his habits, but they saved his life. Everyone who told him being sneaky was a bad thing is either a half-dog or dead.

2Damienc - Thief Empty Re: Damienc - Thief on Sun Feb 08 2015, 15:34


Reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 02-08-2015
Member to promote to Thief 03-08-2015
Contingency that member be open to constructive criticism in roleplay.
Member partner to be Lurade.

3Damienc - Thief Empty Re: Damienc - Thief on Sat Mar 07 2015, 18:48


Strike 3: 03-07-2015
Re-apply on: 06-07-2015
Strike 1 Begin: New Member
Strike 2: 02-08-2015
Strike 2 End: 03-08-2015
Statute: 3.1: Login
Number of Offenses: 1

Member was absent for a period of 14 days during his Strike 2 New-Member probation.  Player may reapply for guild membership on June 7, 2015, assuming he is willing to show the necessary dedication to guild participation.

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