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Jonider - Diplomat

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1Jonider - Diplomat Empty Jonider - Diplomat on Sun Feb 15 2015, 19:02


Character Name: Jonider Artius
Character Class: Mage
Player age: 18
Req Role: Diplomat
Character Notes:
   Jonider grew up in a wealthy family. Anything he ever wanted, he had. That was, until he turned of age and they gave him the boot. He did, however, manage to weasel his father out of a rather large amount of cash. With this newfound freedom and pockets full he set out to fulfill his life-long dream, to master the arcane arts. Aye, little Jon spent his childhood hearing  stories of great mages performing awe inspiring acts of magic, and he decided that life was for him. He bought his way into the schools of magic in Dalaran, where he trained to become the mage he'd always hoped to be. That changed when Jaina went crazy and kicked the elves out of Dalaran. This disgusted Jonider, as they had done nothing wrong and he had actually won the friendship of a few elves. He then decided to pack his bags and make way back to Stormwind, where he now resides. Since then he's not done much but sit around, his money nearly running dry, and his arcane skill sitting stagnant. He now seeks employment, partnership, and a place to study his skills.

2Jonider - Diplomat Empty Re: Jonider - Diplomat on Sun Feb 15 2015, 20:38


Application reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 02-15-2015
Member to promote to Diplomat 03-15-2015
Member's Enforcer will be Dandi

3Jonider - Diplomat Empty Re: Jonider - Diplomat on Thu Mar 26 2015, 20:20


Strike 3: 03-26-20158
Re-apply on:  06-26-2015
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 02-15-2015
Strike 2 End:  03-15-2015
Statute: 3.1: Login
Number of Offenses: 2

Member vanished without a trace before the end of his probationary period and has not returned.  He has been granted more than ample time to make a reappearance.

Player may reapply for membership on the date provided above.

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