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Adrien Duncan - Thief

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1Adrien Duncan - Thief Empty Adrien Duncan - Thief on Tue Feb 17 2015, 11:01


*Character Name   :Adrien Duncan
*Character Class  :Rogue
 Character Level  :86
 Player Age (18+) :18 and 11 months
 Most Recent Guild:N/A
*Requested Role   :Thief
*Character Notes 

he is a unafflicted Gilnean,He was married briefly until his wife killed herself following her being raped by her Ex Boyfriend, Since then he has become rather cold and throws himself into whatever work he is given...Despite the coldness however he has a flirtatious streak a mile wide, Trying to fill the void his wife left in his heart temporarily with random women.

2Adrien Duncan - Thief Empty Re: Adrien Duncan - Thief on Tue Feb 17 2015, 11:31


Application reviewed and declined by Espectra (Guild Lead) 02-17-2015
Leadership believes that this member may feel too pressured into improving to be able to relax in this quality-dedicated and plot-centric environment.
Member encouraged to find a low-pressure environment in which to improve his writing skill while progressing his character.  Suggested The Steadfast as a good start to finding a great guild.

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