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1Iivan - Chaser Empty Iivan - Chaser on Wed Feb 18 2015, 17:08


Character Name : Duncan "Yeti" O'Sullivan
Character Class : Rogue
Character Level : 90
Player Age (18+) : 19
Most Recent Guild : Mischief's Marauders
Requested Role : Chaser
Character notes : 

 Duncan O'Sullivan is a 26 year old Worgen smuggler and cutthroat who hails from the Grizzly Hills. His childhood was a constant struggle of life and death, his small village against the brutal hardships of Northrend. Over time Duncan allowed the wilderness and the trials he had to overcome to shape him into who he is today. 

 Duncan was only five when his first trial came before him. His mother was killed by wolves while gathering wood outside his village. The death tore his family apart. She left behind a husband and two sons. The loss of his mum was what began the hardening of his shell, having to fend for himself most of the time while his father was out hunting and gathering wood. 
 Duncan's next obstacle was 16 years later, when Arugal began going around the Hills, converting entire villages into Worgen killing machines. As most of the other villages, the trappers and huntsman accepted the Curse happily. However he wouldn't stand for it. He attempted to escape his home the night Arugal arrived. While he was making his way out of the woods, he was ambushed by the monsters who were once his neighbors. They nearly killed him, but Duncan was strong and managed to shake them off and lose them, at the cost of some bites and scratches. The Curse that the Worgen had carried steadily took over his body. As the fever and the Change began to hit him, he found himself at a small Alliance encampment full of soldiers and healers. The men took him in, and the Druids there helped treat the Curse. After months in the camp, he was able to control his lycanthropy. He later hitched a ship ride to Stormwind, when the troops began to return home in order for more battalions to ship out.

 The last trial Duncan faced was life in the city. He had trouble fitting in a finding a job. At around 21 he began to walk down the path to crime. He stole what he could and robbed whoever he saw. Duncan became a street rat, and remained one for a solid three years before a local street gang picked him up. He ran with them for a couple of years before he met and joined a crew of sailors and pirates who were docked in the Harbor of Stormwind. However, life on sea was short, and one by one the crew was killed off either by disease or by sword in a matter of months.

 He now roams the streets again, in search of companionship and gold.

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2Iivan - Chaser Empty Re: Iivan - Chaser on Wed Feb 18 2015, 18:18


Reviewed and tentatively approved by Espectra (guild lead) 02-18-2015
Approval contingent on successful OOC interview.  Will conduct interview at next available opportunity.

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OOC interview completed successfully 02-18-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 03-18-2015
Member partner to be Lurade

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Member requested to sync his timeline with lore.  Edits reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 02-19-2015

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