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Vivayn - Diplomat

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1 Vivayn - Diplomat on Thu Mar 26 2015, 20:14


Vivayn never properly applied and was admitted without an application.  This post will serve as notice of her Strike 3: Removal.

Strike 3: 03-26-20158
Re-apply on:  06-26-2015
Strike 1: 02-24-2015
Strike 2: 03-10-2015
Strike 2 End:  04-10-2015
Statute: 3.1; 3.2; 3.4
Number of Offenses: 3

Viv, you've been gone a long time, and even when you were here, I couldn't get you to attend events.  Maybe life will settle down for you in the next few months, and you'll have more time.

We'll miss you.

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