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Variden - Diplomat

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1 Variden - Diplomat on Sun Mar 29 2015, 21:49



*Have you read the Guild Laws?:  Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:  Yes
*Character Name   : Variden Byrne
*Character Class  : Warlock
 Character Level  : 21
 Player Age (18+) : 32
 Most Recent Guild: none (I took an extensive hiatus before returning to the game)
*Requested Role   : Diplomat
*Character Notes  :

Variden spent his youth with his parents on a farm in rural Westfall where he developed a thirst for knowledge through books a family friend would lend him on their visit. He honed his skills as a scribe and moved to Stormwind to apprentice at one of the shops. He met his wife, Fiona, at the store and after moderate courtship, they were wed.

They relocated to a modest house in Elwynn Forest while and two years later, Scarlett was born. The family lived happily in said house until Fiona came down with a mysterious wasting illness that claimed her life leaving Variden and Scarlett on their own.

Five years pass as he watched her grow and he further honed his skills as a freelance scribe.

Variden has spent the last year searching for his lost daughter, stolen from him by once trusted ally. After a tragic accident, his daughter was mortally wounded and a frequent customer at his shop offered his services to bring her back. This person had an ulterior motive and the ritual was one of dark tribute to the forces that the necromancer was to give. Variden ended up killing the man but was apprehended by the authorities accused of necromancy.

He is veiled about his past and ability to use magic, but will utilize it if the situation requires it. He is well read, but his gasp of current events may be amiss as he has spent time away fom Azeroth prior to coming back to find his daughter. He does possesses a strong motivation to any cause he puts his mind to and has the magical ability to back himself up in case things become violent. He is wary of the guards and cathedral district as his false charges still loom over his head.

2 Re: Variden - Diplomat on Sun Mar 29 2015, 22:25


Reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 03-29-2015.
Member to promote to Diplomat 04-29-2015.
Member partner to be Eraan.

3 Re: Variden - Diplomat on Fri May 15 2015, 17:40


Strike 3: 05/15/2015
Re-apply on:  08/15/2015
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 03-29-2015
Statute: 3.1 Login
Number of Offenses: 1

Member has been offline for a period of 16 days without login or notice of extended absence.  Member's Strike 2 Status was never rescinded because the member stopped logging in during Strike 2 probation.  Member may reapply in August.

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