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Valeinna - Thief

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1Valeinna - Thief Empty Valeinna - Thief on Sat Apr 11 2015, 16:10


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   : Valeinna Duskforge
*Character Class  : Rogue
 Character Level  : 91
 Player Age (18+) : 21
 Most Recent Guild: The Anvil March (left as part of an exodus due to sexual harrassment)
*Requested Role   : Thief

*Character Notes  : The Dwarven Duskforge family name dates back thousands of years--though it has held several different denominations since its origin such as Blackbraid. The name was given to a man of Bronzebeard blood whose hair was a dusky onyx color. The name changed over many generations up until the family found their favored occupation in the forge. Oddly enough Valeinna's father wasn't--isn't--a blacksmith; Valeinna's father is a noble warrior, the like which earned his wealth by fighting. Valeinna's mother, though, -is- a smith--a silver smith to be more precise.

All the wealth and work that Valeinna's family offered her never seemed to fill her appetite--sure she enjoyed the finery, but she'd no intention of ever fighting for the military or working the forge. No, she simply took what she wanted from her family's vaults and lived comfortably with no occupation--but even that became droll.

Valeinna would often find herself in seedy taverns during her leisurely time. Having the cocky attitude of a pampered noble made those around her see her as confident--if not accomplished. She was offered jobs (yes those things she hated) by these slummy disreputable ruffians--and though it may have been more obvious for her to flip her nose at them she was interested.

It was an exhilerating thought to venture beyond daddy's estate--after all, she'd always wondered what the inside of other people's estates might be like--and so she did. Her first job was so simple, she just had to sneak into a home while the occupants slept and take some heirloomesque statuette. It was so simple--and after returning it to her client she was rewarded. The reward wasn't what she cared about, though, it was the -rush.-

Lots of years later, stuff, stuff stuff...

It was after sparring at an event that she was approached by Espectra--and with promise of -exciting- new opportunities she now seeks to join the Rivals of Trust.

2Valeinna - Thief Empty Re: Valeinna - Thief on Sat Apr 11 2015, 17:21


Reviewed and approved pending successful OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 04-11-2015

3Valeinna - Thief Empty Re: Valeinna - Thief on Fri Apr 17 2015, 16:19


Member left the guild of her own accord on 04-17-2015.  If desired, member may reapply for membership on 07-17-2015.

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