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1Ería - Brawler Empty Ería - Brawler on Fri Apr 24 2015, 19:21


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
Character Name: Eria “Tank” Wiley
Character Class: Warrior
Current Level: 100
Most Recent Guild: N/A just moved to server after extended medical leave.
Player Age (18+) : 36
Requested Role: Brawler

Character Notes:

Eria was born into a common family. Her father was a miner and blacksmith while her mother raised the children. There had only been two but Eria was a hand full. In stark contrast her sister, Reba, had been quiet with a peace about her. More content to watch the world go by as Eria dove head first into it. Even with these vast differences the girls were the best of friends.

They shared a bond that always kept them close. It didn't hurt that their extended family, on their mothers side, was very close. Always having get together during holidays and warmer months. For a very long time the girls were the only grandchildren till they were in their teens. Eria always felt being the only kids in the family for so long afforded them a very special childhood.

There younger days were spent playing with other children from the village, schooling, and just being normal children. Neither girl had any inkling to adventure or become a hero. While it looked exciting to Eria she could never see a time she wouldn't want to be near her family.

Harker, her first and so far only love. They had meet in Stormwind where he was studying magic. To Eria he was the best mage in all of Azeroth. Hitting it off right away she was quick to introduce him to her family. They thought highly of the educated young man with the excellent work ethic

All seemed right with the world till The Lich King was threatening all life on Azeroth. Harker took the call to arms to heart. He wanted to protect Eria and her family. The day on the docks as he took the boat to Northrend was the last day she saw him alive. He was reported MIA the news being delivered to the family shortly after his disappearance.

While still deep in morning for her Harker, Reba, announced her intentions to marry a young engineer named Ryon. Reba had talked to Eria about this first not wanting to amplify her sadness. She was happy for her sister throwing herself headlong into the wedding planning.

Years passed, as they do, finding Eria taking up mining with her father. Reba had a little girl she named Oak. Oak was the apple of Eria's eye everything she did was for her niece. The Lich King continued to be an issue. It frustrated her to no end that this monster seemed to be unstoppable. It was during this time that the mindless undead attacked the village.

While the family made their way to safety Eria and her father stayed behind to buy everyone some time. It was rather cathartic to take out her buried anger out on the undead. She also found that fighting came rather naturally. Years of mining had made her powerful and strong. The fight went to the living but her father was gravely injured. While he lost a leg he had not lost his life.

With the family breadwinner now disabled providing for the family fell to Eria. Well more like she took it up. Packing up a few things Eria left her family to train as a warrior. Her training was fast as she picked up abilities quickly. Her raw power made her a natural for dealing damage but she found the roll of protection more to her personality.

Northren was a harsh and unforgiving place. It also provided a lot of gold and treasure, which she sent back to her family. Time came when she was face to face with the monster she held responsible for Harkers death. She had gone with a group determined to rid Azeroth of him. It was a hard won battle but it was won.

After the job in Northren was finished Eria wandered. Her anger no longer had a direction so many thought she had gone off to die. Only her family knew she was still alive and well. She would come home often with money and to fawn over her precious Oak. She was on her way to one of these visits when Deathwing flew over head scorching the little village. Even at her mounts fastest they could not make it in time...everything was gone.

This pain opened old wounds and threw Eria into a rage. She tore a cross Azeroth hunting down the agents of Deathwing and the disgraced dragon aspect himself. That time in her life was very red. From the fire to the blood, red became the only color she saw. Deathwing was defeated saving the world but Eria was broken beyond such repairs.

When the land of Pandaria was found Eria was again directionless. She went merely to kill to make the pain go away. She had not expected to be so enraptured by the land and it's people. The land holds a special place in her heart as the Pandarian helped her with anger and pain. While it is still there it does not rule over her.

The defeat of Hellscream was an inner victory for her. His actions showed her what harboring so much negativity could do. However Jaina Proudmoore's actions after Hellscreams fall reminded her why she disliked the upper echelon of the Alliance. They thought nothing of plunging their people into war to suite their personal wants and needs.

The opportunity to travel to Draenor was more then welcome. It felt like a new start for her and maybe a place to lose who she was and make herself anew.

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2Ería - Brawler Empty Re: Ería - Brawler on Fri Apr 24 2015, 22:50


Application reviewed by Espectra (guild lead)

The application's title will need to be corrected to the format <Character name> - <Requested Role>, with the Character Name being the in-game name at which you can be reached, including any special characters.  As it stands, I do not know which toon to contact regarding this application.

Pending this adjustment, application tentatively approved contingent on successful OOC interview.  OOC interview to be conducted after the application's title correct at the first available opportunity.

3Ería - Brawler Empty Re: Ería - Brawler on Sun Apr 26 2015, 19:21


OOC interview successfully completed by Espectra (guild lead) with Khatuun in attendance 04-26-2015
Member to promote to Brawler 05-26-2015
Member partner will be Khatuun, decided based on schedule compatibility.

4Ería - Brawler Empty Re: Ería - Brawler on Sat May 16 2015, 17:21


Member excused from 5/16 guild meeting.  Due cause provided 5/16 to Espectra (guild lead).

Member will be on activity waver for two weeks beginning 5/16 as well.

5Ería - Brawler Empty Re: Ería - Brawler on Sat May 30 2015, 10:03


Member vanished from the guild log, presumably due to server or faction transfer.  Character name no longer exists.  Member will be removed from the forum roster.

Due to the unusual nature of the player's exit, player will not be permitted to reapply for guild membership until 08-15-2015.

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