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Sanilea - Diplomat

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1 Sanilea - Diplomat on Sun May 03 2015, 16:50


1. I have read and understand the Guild Laws.

2. I agree with the Guild Laws.

3. Sanilea

4. Monk

5. 33

6. 19

7. Guildless throughout leveling

8. Diplomat

9. Sanilea is a great leader with decent communication skills. Not a silver tongue quite yet but she's working on it. She isn't terribly skilled in combat but she can hold her own against average assailants. She's slowly getting better at combat, but for now she'll stick to her political tricks. She has friends, and resources in high places, and is respected among her peers. Sanilea is looking for a new place to call home, and will fight to improve herself over the years.

2 Re: Sanilea - Diplomat on Sun May 03 2015, 17:12


Application reviewed and approved, after successful OOC interview, by Espectra (guild lead) 05-03-2015
Member to promote to Diplomat 06-03-2015
Member partner will be Eraan.

3 Re: Sanilea - Diplomat on Sat May 16 2015, 19:34


Strike 3: 05-16-2015
Re-apply on:  08-16-2015
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 05-03-2015
Statute: 3.2 Meetings
Number of Offenses: 1

Member did not attend the required 5/16 guild meeting.  Member informed leadership of potential need to be absent earlier in the week but assured leadership that there would be final notice given for absence on 5/15 or 5/16.  No final notice was given, but member did not attend.

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