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Zedros - Chaser

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1 Zedros - Chaser on Sun May 17 2015, 21:41


*Have you read our Guild Laws?:

*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:

*Character Name:
Zedros "Zed" Stagnum

*Character Class:

Current Level:

Most Recent Guild:

Zedros has never been guilded.  The last guild I've been a part of on this BattleNet account is The Whitehorn Tribe on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord; A Tauren guild that is an offshoot of The Earthspear Tribe (a much bigger Tauren Guild on the server). Kinarra is the guild master over there.

Player Age (18+ only):
Will disclose at interview.  Over 18, though.

*Requested Role:

*Character Notes:
Live or Die.  Those were the choices Zed had during his final years in Gilneas. Raised by his mother, a Harvest Witch, and his father, a common leatherworker, Zed was grew to the age of 27 when the wild Worgen attacked. As a last minute measure of survival, his mother began to teach him everything she knew about the ways in which nature can be summoned forth and embraced to help protect him from the onslaught. 

Zed took what he learned and put up a good fight, but his parents ultimately fell and he, too, found himself scarred and cursed by the whole ordeal. Once the transformation took hold, Zed found his understanding of the druidic ways to be heightened.  Not only could he manage the cursed form of the Worgen, but he could also call forth other animal forms as well.

Zed harbored a great deal of hatred for his and his family's fate. Though he knew his Gilnean brothers and sisters who wear the appearance of his parents' killers were innocent of such a crime, he still felt uneasy in their presence.  He went into seclusion and allowed himself to embrace the beasts within him, living like a Savagekin for quite a while before meeting a Night Elf Druid who helped remind him of his own humanity, bringing him back to civilization and allowing him to find a new path.

That path has led Zedros here.  His skills and familiarity with the wild will allow for him to be quite a valuable resource andm hopefully, an excellent candidate for the role of Chaser.

Zed will communicate whenever necessary, but his time in seclusion has resulted in him not being very talkative.  He is scarred on his back, a gift from the Worgen who cursed him in the form of a slash mark from a monstrous claw.  Zed honors Loyalty above all else.  You take care of him, he'll take care of you.

2 Re: Zedros - Chaser on Sun May 17 2015, 22:08


Application reviewed and approved by Espectra (Guild lead) 05-17-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 06-17-2015
Member partner to be Joseana

3 Re: Zedros - Chaser on Sat Aug 01 2015, 20:36


Strike 1: 08-01-2015
Statute: 3.1: Unscheduled Participation; 3.3: Private Events

Member has not attended any private events in July.  Member also has not been available for unscheduled roleplay for the last two weeks.

4 Re: Zedros - Chaser on Mon Aug 17 2015, 17:51


Strike 2: 08-15-2015
Statute 3.1: Unscheduled Participation

Member has not been online to participate in unscheduled roleplay in a month.

5 Re: Zedros - Chaser on Sun Aug 30 2015, 12:29


Strike 1:  08-01-2015
Strike 2:  08-15-2015
Strike 3: 08-29-2015
Reapply On:  11-29-2015
Statute 3.1: Unscheduled Participation
Number of Offenses:  3

Member has not been online to participate in unscheduled roleplay in 42 days.

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