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Aronar - Chaser (Carryover)

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1Aronar - Chaser (Carryover) Empty Aronar - Chaser (Carryover) on Wed Nov 19 2014, 13:36


*Character Name : Aronar Valius
*Character Class : Warrior
 Character Level : 90

 Player Age (18+) : Will provide in OOC interview.
 Most Recent Guild: None.
*Requested Role : Chaser
*Character Notes : Aronar Valius is a knight, lacking a better term, though he has abandoned the ideas of chivalry and protecting of the weak for a code far darker. His blade will never be found clashing against evil or the enemies of the King, instead it will be found at the side of the highest bidder - those who not only require a good sword-arm, but can afford it too. Because of this he has served some of the most corrupt, dirty, and unpopular nobles in the realm of men.

Though Aronar has forsaken the teachings of his noble profession, does not mean he is not a good leader. He has rallied broken and battered armies intent on retreat into fighting until their final, bloody breaths.

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2Aronar - Chaser (Carryover) Empty Re: Aronar - Chaser (Carryover) on Wed Nov 19 2014, 13:37


Reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 10-20-2014
Reviewer confirmed player does meet minimum age requirement.
Reduced Strike 2 to two weeks. Strike 2 to fall off 11-03-2014
Officer training to begin immediately. Reduced training to 1 month due to previous officership experience. Player to promote to Chaser Enforcer on 11-20-2014.

Application for Brawler adjusted to Chaser after discussion with member about his character's personality. Both new member and reviewer feel that Chaser is a better fit.

3Aronar - Chaser (Carryover) Empty Re: Aronar - Chaser (Carryover) on Wed Nov 19 2014, 13:37


Strike 2 Extended to 11/20/2014 due to player absence
Strike 3 removal administered on 11/7/2014 due lack of player activity (2 weeks no login)
Player granted permission to re-apply for guild membership on 2/7/2015

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