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Cearest - Chaser

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1Cearest - Chaser Empty Cearest - Chaser on Sun Jun 14 2015, 18:57


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
Character Name :Cearest "Cear" Whitewind
Character Class : Warrior
Character Level : 100
Player Age (18+) : Will provide in-interview
Most Recent Guild: N/A
Requested Role : Chaser
Character Notes : 

Cearest Whitewind was born in Gilneas and has overcome hardships all his life. Cearest was born an only child to Lysa and Drion Whitewind, when he was only five years old his mother passed away from disease. His father being a drunk made life a living hell for Cearest causing him to run away when he was fourteen to go join the Alliance military. During his service days he met a pandaren named Isur who was really his first and best friend. Doing dozens of operations together the two shared a strong friendship. However recently on one operation in Dreanor, Isur betrayed Cearest leading him and his squad into a horde ambush. Isur proclaimed his loyalty to the horde infront of a wounded Cearest and dying soldiers. Reinforcements arrived just in time to save them but Isur escaped. To this day Cearest has valued loyalty above all other characteristics. It is without a doubt his defining trait. 

Cearest is a tall muscular man of pale skin and black hair. He has a warm face and a soft smile. Cearest is an afflicted Gilnean, in his worgen form he stands near eight feet tall and weighs nearly five hundred pounds. He has thick grey fur and a mane of black hair with two golden eyes that also retain in his human form. 

Cearest is polite but shy, he has not had many friends if even a single one. However because of this he has an undying loyalty inside him to anyone who is lucky enough to welcome him into their life. Having been solitary, alone, and betrayed all his life any true friend Cearest makes, he is loyal to until the very end.

2Cearest - Chaser Empty Re: Cearest - Chaser on Sun Jun 14 2015, 23:12


Application reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) 06-14-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 07-14-2015
Member partner will be Joseana

3Cearest - Chaser Empty Re: Cearest - Chaser on Mon Jun 15 2015, 16:08


Member left the guild after unsuccessful IC interview.  Due to the unusual nature of the way the member left, a three-month wait will be imposed on reapplication.

Member may reapply for guild membership 09-15-2015.

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