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Application 6/28/15

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1Application 6/28/15 Empty Application 6/28/15 on Sat Jun 27 2015, 22:06


Ject, The Hand of Mordichi
(Co-GM) Stormwind Brigade
Already described character to Espectra. Recap-Calvary Paladin, very combat oriented, choosing diplomat as a challenge, Ject is very smart, and is capable of the job. He is most generally in heavy armor with either a sword, or lance at his exposal, he is often described as wise beyond his years, but short tempered. Few know what truly motivates him, as he's shrouded in a almost tangible layer of mystery that most with half a brain could detect.

2Application 6/28/15 Empty Re: Application 6/28/15 on Sat Jun 27 2015, 22:56


Application reviewed and declined after OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 06-28-2015

Player initially had difficulty following the application template.  Player had some difficulty getting the website to load (slow internet connection) but was too impatient to wait until they loaded before filling out the application.

Later, once the guild laws had loaded, player had considerable reservations about the guild's regulations and requirements.

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