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Kenris - Chaser

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1 Kenris - Chaser on Mon Nov 24 2014, 19:18


*Character Name   : Kenris "One-Eye" Magellan
*Character Class  : Paladin (Warrior IC)
  Character Level  : 97
 Player Age (18+) : 19
 Most Recent Guild: The Dusk Watch, Twisting Nether guild.
*Requested Role   : Chaser
*Character Notes  :

"Magellan? Aye I know him, but what do you want with him? He's just a drunk."

The first record of Kenris Magellan was in the records of the Valiance Expedition, while only a private, Kenris was to climb the ranks of the army after several successful missions in Northrend. Getting arrogant and cocky with no record of failure, Kenris was promoted to captain and was charged with bringing reinforcement troops to help support the assault on the Wrathgate. When Kenris and his troops arrived it was too late, the Horde reinforcements angered and confused as much as he was, attacked him and his forces. During the attack, Kenris lost his right eye thanks to his shield splintering from an orc war hammer, but the surviving troops at his command say that he lost more than his eye; They say he lost his honour.

Since then, Kenris has left the army and spends his days selling his sword to merchants for protection or simply blackmailing them, trying to pay for another drink or cigar. A grizzled veteran in every meaning of the word, no longer respected by the public and a hunger for a home again.

While his face is clearly aged, Kenris is surprisingly still strong and agile, refusing to take his old armour off in place of better gear.

2 Re: Kenris - Chaser on Tue Nov 25 2014, 06:18


Reviewed and approved, contingent on successful OOC interview, by Espectra (guild lead) 11-25-2014.
OOC interview to be conducted at first following opportunity.

3 Re: Kenris - Chaser on Tue Nov 25 2014, 18:34


OOC interview completed by Espectra (guild lead) 11-25-2014.
Application for membership approved.
Member to promote to Chaser 12-25-2014

New member interested in fast advancement - will work on fast-track through the ranks to promotion beginning immediately.

4 Re: Kenris - Chaser on Thu Mar 26 2015, 20:17


Strike 3: 03-26-20158
Re-apply on:  06-26-2015
Strike 1: 02-18-2015
Strike 2: 03-04-2015
Strike 2 End:  04-04-2015
Statute: 3.1; 3.2; 3.4
Number of Offenses: 3

Member has been gone far beyond the limit allowed by the guild in hopes that he would return.

Member may reapply on the date given above.

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