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Lesiel - Thief

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1Lesiel - Thief Empty Lesiel - Thief on Mon Aug 24 2015, 23:53


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   : Lesiel Swiftshadow
*Character Class  : Rogue
 Character Level  : 70
 Player Age (18+) : 31
 Most Recent Guild: NA
*Requested Role   : Thief
*Character Notes  : 
     Her wit is sharper than her blades, and nearly as fast. Lesiel was always thinking, choosing words to speak even when she was learning even to do so. It was long a flaw and point of aggravation that her mind moved faster than her body learned .
     As a child she spoke haltingly and with a stutter as her mouth failed to form the words as fast as she wanted to say them. Her martial trainer held her back as slower children won their skirmishes. Her indecision at the multitude of possible reactions her mind produced that came with spotting openings caused her body fumbled to respond. It was more to her discredit that her perceived clumsiness was combined with a foul and boastful mouth that had conquered her stutter. Her sharp tongue left her cut more often than it made a metaphorical one.
     It was only until a Warden took note in her pubescent years that her real training began. The masked woman took her by the chin as she tears defied her stubbornness, "Watch in the darker grace of Elune. Learn patience and balance. Your haste will only serve you then" The lesson came from the cryptic advice, as the Sentinels dismissed her to a lesser fate. Shunned from martial service as too clumsy, she slipped out into the wild in hopes Y'sera or Mother Moon might take pity on her and awaken druidic gifts she did not have.
     It was Elune's darker blessing, missed as only partial talent, that she used to watch the young druids train with their masters, and following beasts of the wild. Pulling the shadows around her had always come with ease, and she believed it to be a favor of her Godess. The beasts taught her caution and patience. Watching those call upon the stars that brightened with Elune's grace, taught her to balance her lessons and talent.
     Much older than the current class, she then set to the Sentinels again raising her chin to demand a new evaluation. Fading, solid, then gone, she weaved in perfection amongst the best fighters. Gathering a crowed of her people, even veterans marveling at the new seeming skill of such a previously notably clumsy little sister. Bare handed she defeated one after another with easy breath.
     It was only when she started to smile and feel her superiority for the first time that a Watcher stepped in before her new confidence could be fertile ground to arrogance. She found herself pressed amongst the Sisters of Elune, passed amongst the Watchers and later Wardens whose keener eyes focused her natural talents. The Sentinels still would not have her.
     The third war was the first she let impatience enter her life again. She held her station and followed command until word from Felwood. Such a mark against her people ended her restraint and she begged to follow in the hunt for the traitor Illidan. It was the last time she let her people deny and judge her.
     Passed for such haste and youth she struck out on her own. Her skill made it easy to survive. Her coin was ever as deep as the coin purses she dipped into, and her daggers now quick enough to make good on her faster tongue if it called for it. SI:7 caught wind of her, when she thought she was but a shadow to any human. The Wardens never lost sight of one so young in her craft, but for the humans to meet her it was decided to let the events play out, and see what developed from such contact.
     She met small victories in being marked as enemy of the Defias. This was the final amusing mark that she gave in to giving real effort towards Stormwind's interests. After all, the Defias already thought her one of them why shouldn't she more formally meet these elite human agents.
     Employed more out of boredom than need, she took jobs from the human organization, even up until her first real foe. Illidan's fate found, and no call back to Darnassus she thought her connection to her people was becoming a memory. The Third War was the first to impress upon her the dark necessity of the craft she'd cultivated. Her marks among the forces of the the Lich King were her former sisters. Dead and risen in service of the scourge, the task of their final deaths left her cold and silent. Only one towards the end of the war still stood in defiance, devoid of any of Elune's grace she still moved in Her shadow. Her cold precision, empty of hesitation, it was not just the first mission Lesiel failed, but the first foe that inspired real fear in the young Kal'dorei.
     The events in Northrend left her more cautious, and appreciative of the moment and not just a future that was hard to see. While she followed on her own or was hired as part of world events, she eventually found her way back to her first successes. The sight of Deathwing that changed the world, meant more work and the first she returned to elven lands. Still back to Stormwind she would find herself, even after adventures in Pandaria.
     There among her SI:7 contacts she got the first curious bits about a particular group. She was tired of a lone wolf life, and the tight lips the human intelligence group had. She thought perhaps a more private group would have better uses for her skills. Who were they that a whole group would be associate with SI:7 as an ally?

2Lesiel - Thief Empty Re: Lesiel - Thief on Tue Aug 25 2015, 05:58


Application reviewed by Espectra (guild lead) 08-25-2015
Approved contingent on successful OOC interview
OOC interview to be conducted at first available opportunity

3Lesiel - Thief Empty Re: Lesiel - Thief on Wed Aug 26 2015, 16:33


OOC interview successfully completed by Espectra (guild lead) 08-25-2015
Member to promote to Thief 09-25-2015
Member partner will be Lillyashdown

4Lesiel - Thief Empty Re: Lesiel - Thief on Sun Nov 08 2015, 23:44


Member never promoted from probation due to certain guild issues.

Strike 3: 11-08-2015
Re-apply on: 02-08-2015
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 08-25-2015
Statute: 1.2 Quality, 1.4 Adaptability
Number of Offenses: 2

Member never promoted from probation due to some issues concerning quality of communication.  At member's first roleplay event encounter, adaptability was also discovered to be a concern.  Member was encouraged pre-removal to find an environment in which to hone these two skills before reapplying, if the player wishes to, in three months.

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