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Balther - Chaser

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1 Balther - Chaser on Fri Sep 25 2015, 00:11


I have read the Guild Laws
I agree to the Guild Laws
Character name: Balther Thunderhammer
Character Class: Paladin
Character Level: Level 100
Player age:30
Previous Guild: Uh, none? Not on WoW at least.
Requested Role: Chaser
Character notes:
Balther is of average height for a dwarf, standing at approximately 4 and a half feet tall(the rest of him is as he is seen in game).   He is almost always seen in his armor, with his warhammer strapped to his back.  

Balther has the attitudes and mannerisms of most of his Bronzebeard kin, having grown up in Ironforge as well as spending most of his life around other Bronzebeard dwarves. 

He enjoys a good fight, and LOVES a good drink(as long as its got alcohol in it of course.)   He is generally jovial, though he knows when the time for jokes and games has ended.  

Balther is trained in how to use the light both to heal and to smite those he thinks deserve some iron plated justice, he prefers the latter, leaving the more priestly aspects of the light to the actual priests, he prefers to solve most problems with his hammer.  He has had experience being a bodyguard, so the role of chaser would suit him perfectly.

2 Re: Balther - Chaser on Fri Sep 25 2015, 16:53


Application reviewed and approved after successful OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 09-25-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 10-25-2015
Member partner will be Lesiel

3 Re: Balther - Chaser on Fri Nov 27 2015, 21:20


Member left of his own accord 11-27-2015, stating that the game no longer holds any interest for him and that he might return for legion.

Member may reapply for guild membership on 02-27-2015.

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