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Netai - Opportunist

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1Netai - Opportunist  Empty Netai - Opportunist on Tue Sep 29 2015, 18:35


Yes, I have read and agree to abide by the Guild Laws.

  1. Character Name: Netai Xei
  2. Character Class: Hunter
  3. Character Level: 40 (Leveling 10 toons to max at the moment!)
  4. Player Age: 18
  5. Most Recent Guild: A random guild that spam invited me that I joined just for perks to start.
  6. Requested Role: Opportunist
  7. Character Notes: 

  • Netai Xei grew up in the small fishing village of Sri-La in Jade Forest. After the arrival of the Horde and Alliance races, she chose to join the Alliance and pave her own way as an animal caretaker in Stormwind. 
  • This young pandaren woman stands before you with a stout stature and friendly smile. Behind her is a long, bushy tail that sways with movement such as walking or running. She's armored in mail and carries herself with grace despite said height and figure. Her accented voice is kind and soft, and her movements are quick and agile.Her smile spreads over a mostly white face, though the fur around her left eye is a dark brown. The color of her eyes is a pale green and is more emphasized by the dark coloring. She has a small mole or "beauty mark" above her black nose and large hoops pierced through both ears. Her light brown hair is streaked with green and is usually kept back in a ponytail or braid of some kind.This woman seems approachable and will most likely glance in your way in curiosity.
  • You're likely to see these posters on the walls of the Alliance towns and
  • I believe she may fit well in this guild as her goal is to become an owner of the largest animal care centers of the Alliance. (That and this guild seems interesting!)

2Netai - Opportunist  Empty Re: Netai - Opportunist on Tue Sep 29 2015, 18:59


Application reviewed and approved by Espectra (guild lead) after successful OOC interview 09/29/2015
Player is in the process of comparing various guilds and deciding if ours is the right one for her
Player has been granted permission to contact guild leadership at any time for a no-questions guild invite.

Membership application expires and will be archived on 10/29/2015.

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