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Cadassi - Opportunist

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1Cadassi - Opportunist Empty Cadassi - Opportunist on Thu Oct 01 2015, 00:47


Have you read the Guild Laws?

Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?

Character Name:
Jackson Watkins ( Cadassi is a stage name).

Player Age:

Most Recent Guild:
Cadassi has never been in a guild but I am a member of The Bottleneck on all of my other toons. ( Daevian Lockheart is the GLeader if you're looking for a reference. )

Requested Role: Opportunist

Character Notes: Jackson is a street performer, specializing in card magic and sleight of hand. I started him to help me learn card tricks in real life better, but I enjoyed him so much I decided I'd keep RPing him. I also only perform card tricks on him that I can perform in real life.

He's a young fellow who loves to be the center of attention, he also has quite the gambling habit which ties in with his skill using cards. He's cocky and charismatic while performing but struggles in one on one conversation where he can't rely on his cards and skill with magic.

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2Cadassi - Opportunist Empty Re: Cadassi - Opportunist on Thu Oct 01 2015, 06:37


Application reviewed and approved pending OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 10-01-2015
OOC interview to be completed at first available opportunity.

3Cadassi - Opportunist Empty Re: Cadassi - Opportunist on Thu Oct 01 2015, 19:23


OOC interview successfully completed after a bit of schedule adjusting by Espectra (guild lead) 10-01-2015
Member to promote to Opportunist 11-01-2015
Member partner is Lillyashdown

4Cadassi - Opportunist Empty Re: Cadassi - Opportunist on Sun Oct 11 2015, 00:04


Member was found to be in violation of the TOU (Account Sharing) on 10-11-2015 by Espectra (guild lead)
After a brief discussion regarding this with the member, he left of his own accord.
Member may reapply on a new account on 01-11-2016

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