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1Marvister-Brawler Empty Marvister-Brawler on Wed Dec 03 2014, 20:18


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Death... Death and Chaos... That's what Marvister loves. It didn't matter if he started it, he just loved to see it in action. He has no reason or tragic back story to explain his actions. Marvister just can't resist it.

The problem Marvister has is doing it without getting caught and killed. That's why this gnome signed up for arenas. Not only was he happy about hurting others, he also got paid for it!

Marvister has a high ego and believes most people are worst than him in every way. He will make insulting comments when people do stupid and smart actions, although always denying when he is wrong with an excuse.

(hope you like it)

2Marvister-Brawler Empty Re: Marvister-Brawler on Wed Dec 03 2014, 21:20


Application reviewed and declined by Espectra (guild lead) 12-03-2014.
Applicant was referred to Duskgrove and Icecrown Mercenary Camp for a less-advanced introduction to WoW roleplay, as applicant is brand new to the WoW roleplay scene.
Reviewer holds high hopes that applicant will get some experience under his belt and re-apply to this advanced community at a later date.

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