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Frista - Thief

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1Frista - Thief Empty Frista - Thief on Wed Oct 07 2015, 16:20


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   :  Frista Beckett
*Character Class  :  Rogue
 Character Level  :  51
 Player Age (18+) :
 Most Recent Guild:  None
*Requested Role   :  Thief
*Character Notes  :
Frista Beckett first started her shady career being associated with the Northgate Rebellion back in her former home of Gilneas.  It was never intentional of course.  One never grows up expecting to be a criminal of sorts.  But things have a way of progressing.  First you're just helping out by being a courier of communications.  Next thing you know you're smuggling cargo and sinking the ship it came in on.  Life is funny that way.
She struggled at first when she was afflicted by the Worgen Curse, but soon learned it was hardly a curse at all.  Her strong lithe body combined with sharpened senses made her life and work outside her former homeland all that much easier.  While her lifestyle is hardly glamorous, she's content none the less.  She enjoys the excitement as much as the rewards that come from her thievery and shady business transactions.  It should also be noted that she has some skill in engineering.
Frista travels a lot but can often be found around port cities such as Stormwind and quite often in Booty Bay as the Goblins there have a tendency to look the other way so long as you're not causing excessive trouble.

2Frista - Thief Empty Re: Frista - Thief on Wed Oct 07 2015, 16:23


Application reviewed and tentatively approved, pending OOC interview, by Espectra (guild lead) 10-07-2015
OOC interview to be conducted at first available opportunity.

3Frista - Thief Empty Re: Frista - Thief on Thu Oct 08 2015, 19:34


OOC interview successfully conducted by Espectra (guild lead) 10-08-2015
Member to promote to Thief 11-08-2015
Member partner is Lesiel

4Frista - Thief Empty Re: Frista - Thief on Sun Oct 25 2015, 19:20


Member left the guild without a word 10-20-2015.  Due to the unusual nature of her leaving, the three-month ban is imposed.

Player may reapply for membership on 01-20-2015.

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