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Rethelle - Chaser

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1Rethelle - Chaser Empty Rethelle - Chaser on Sat Oct 10 2015, 17:53


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name: Rethelle Starkweather
*Character Class: Mage
 Character Level: 100
 Player Age (18+): 31
 Most Recent Guild: <You Cannot Stop Us>
*Requested Role: Chaser
*Character Notes: Born and raised in Dalaran, she excelled in every endeavour. While talented in many areas, her interest was inexorably drawn to the Arcane, and she was taken on as a Kirin Tor apprentice early on. She excelled in her studies and was soon granted full status as a master of the Arcane.

Fast, agile, cunning, and intelligent, she was recruited into the Alliance military soon after completing her magical education. She initially resisted the Alliance overtures, but relented when her parents were killed by agents of the Horde.

Consumed by grief and anger, she found a measure of solace in destroying the enemies of the Alliance. As her fame and prowess in battle grew, she rose swiftly through the ranks, eventually being given command of a 100-caster-strong unit of the Alliance's best spellcasters.

However, calamity struck not long after assuming command. Her unit, though towards the rear in a supporting role, was caught up in the Forsaken's cowardly attack at the Wrathgate. Rethelle alone survived, through a combination of guile and the sacrifice of a valiant Alliance soldier who stepped in front of her, shielding Rethelle from certain doom.

Rethelle lives in shame and awe every day, and has vowed to spend the rest of her life trying to live up to the example, honour, and courage of the bravest, most beautiful woman she has ever seen.

Rethelle has since left the active military, but has benefitted from the patronage of a mysterious member of the Crown's inner circle. Her contact promoted her to Major and has given her significant authority within the Stormwind military and the kingdom in general. As an Agent of the Crown, she performs numerous irregular tasks for the Crown.

2Rethelle - Chaser Empty Re: Rethelle - Chaser on Sat Oct 10 2015, 18:15


Application reviewed and approved after successful OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 10-10-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 11-10-2015
Member partner is Balther

3Rethelle - Chaser Empty Re: Rethelle - Chaser on Mon Jan 18 2016, 16:33


Member begins Enforcer Training:  2016-01-18

4Rethelle - Chaser Empty Re: Rethelle - Chaser on Mon Mar 21 2016, 14:13


Member resigned from enforcer training 03-20-2016
Member left the guild of his own accord after submitting notice via email to Espectra (guild lead) 03-21-2016
Player may reapply for membership 06-21-2016

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