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Ellisethe - Chaser

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1Ellisethe - Chaser Empty Ellisethe - Chaser on Thu Nov 05 2015, 21:09


*Have you read the Guild Laws?:Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?:Yes
*Character Name   : Ellisethe 
*Character Class  : Mage
 Character Level  : 90
 Player Age (18+) : 26
 Most Recent Guild: Oathsworn Vanguard
*Requested Role   : Chaser
*Character Notes  : Ellisethe recently left a mage academy by choice to persue a more practical education of the arcane. She is a determined young woman with a heart of gold but the gullibility of a drunk child. She looks at obstacles as learning experiences, but has yet to really come across anything truly terrifying to her (not out of sheer bravery but out of lack of experience). 

2Ellisethe - Chaser Empty Re: Ellisethe - Chaser on Thu Nov 05 2015, 21:22


Application reviewed and approved after successful OOC and IC interview by Espectra (Guild lead) 11-05-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 12-05-2015
Member partner is Balther

3Ellisethe - Chaser Empty Re: Ellisethe - Chaser on Tue Nov 10 2015, 12:29


Chat log recorded the following lines:

11/6 19:00:32.295  [3. LookingForGroup] Ellisethe-WyrmrestAccord: Pv ERP guild?

11/8 15:15:24.190  [3. LookingForGroup] Ellisethe-WyrmrestAccord: *other language for you're all dumbasses*

11/9 19:54:33.359  [3. LookingForGroup] Ellisethe-WyrmrestAccord: Omg go away guild spammer

11/9 20:00:33.558  [3. LookingForGroup] Ellisethe-WyrmrestAccord: who gives a fuck about the graphics? oh, right. bitches.

Due to this being a first offense of a very new member, guild leadership will offer a verbal warning that this will not be permitted to continue.  Further infractions will result in removal.

4Ellisethe - Chaser Empty Re: Ellisethe - Chaser on Tue Nov 10 2015, 16:27


After discussing the above concerns with the member, member decided to politely remove himself from the guild in order to avoid causing harm to the guild's reputation with his humor 11-10-2015.

Member may reapply for guild membership at any time, assuming he has made the decision to change his public activity to favor the guild's reputation.

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