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Zetsayaa - Brawler

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1 Zetsayaa - Brawler on Thu Nov 05 2015, 21:48


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   : Zetsayaa
*Character Class  : Monk
 Character Level  : 100
 Player Age (18+) : 26
 Most Recent Guild: Azeroths Knights(US-Stormrage)
*Requested Role   : Brawler
*Character Notes  :

Born on Draenor, Zetsayaa grew up during the brief period of peace the Draenei enjoyed on the orcish homeworld. Though not as inclined towards the light as some of her brethren she found her home with the Rangari order, tracking the enemies of the Draenei. 

Nothing could have prepared the Draenei for the corruption of the orcs. They found themselves thrown to Azeroth. Waking up with the survivors on Azuremyst island, the white haired Draenei found herself with an order or a purpose. She wasted away about the Ammen Vale crash site for some time before she found herself drawn to the teachings of Mojo Stormstout. Through him she learned of the philosophies of the Pandaren monks, the Huojin and Tushui. It was from these teachings she set out on a new path finding her balance in each moment. 

Now having trained her mind and body she wanders from place to place. Her gregarious nature and raucous attitude make it easy for her to make new friends when arriving in a new place, until she mouths off to the wrong person. The Draenei often has to rely on her skill as a fighter just to escape a situation her mouth run her into.


"Ahh ha ha ha ha!" Bizmo's raucous laughter bounced off the metal walls of the arena. "So much blood!." The gnome whizzed around the area admiring the view from his gyrocopter. "Once again ladies and gentlemen Zetsayaaaaaaaaaaa!" His voice boomed out from the amplifier as cheers rose up around the arena. The Draenei standing in the center raised her hands triumphantly as she basked in the glorious adulation of the crowd. Her name bounced off the corrugated metal walls as the helper robots went about their business cleaning the unsightly stain of her opponent from the floor. Closing her eyes for a moment she allowed the noise to wash over her as the cheers drove the sounds of combat out from her ears. As the roar subsided, Zetsayaa opened her eyes, a smile growing on her face as she looked up at the cheering crowd. "Thank you, thank you. I do deserve the round of applause." She punctuated the joke by blowing the kiss into the audience. A different sort of cheer rose this time as she strode towards the arena heading towards the ladder built into the side. Climbing out of the pit she was greeted by the throngs of winning and losing gamblers. The winners held out drinks, food, one even held out a small autograph book, of course the losing ones tossed venomous words along with a few drinks and pieces of rotten fruit at her. Their aim was off and the trash splashed helplessly on the crowd in front of her. Ignoring her detractors, she snatched a drink from one of hands that offered and began to work her way through the group. As she slid through crowd with ease, she downed the lukewarm ale without batting an eye. Finishing the drink she tossed the mug aside, a loud thunk rising above the noise of the room as it slammed into a night elf's head. Not bothering to address the man's anger with her actions, she walked right on by searching for a new drink.

Thanks to her height it was easy for her to pluck a mug off a passing waitresses's tray, "Put it on my tab" she said nonchalantly as the irate human protested the theft of her drink. "You don't have a tab!" the red head called after her as Zetsayaa enjoyed the much fresher drink. When her finesse was not enough to navigate the crowd, the monk resorted to strength and size easily pushing her way through a group  of humans who blocked her path. The crowd began to follow her but soon found themselves blocked by the twin pandaren that guarded her destination. As she rounded the corner and began to make her way up into the Boom Boom Room she took a moment to stretch enjoying the peace and quiet of the hallway. Working her way up the ramp, she couldn't help but smile as the sight of her unoccupied booth came into view. Ignoring the little blue haired gnome the came rushing up to her and the notebooks she held, Zetsayaa bee lined her way towards the booth flopping onto the cushion as she arrived. 

"You have to sign the after fight paperwork otherwise the bets cannot be processed." Aureilla Giggysprock waved the forms at the draenei. "Just do it so I can get on with what needs to be done." The gnome tossed the papers onto the table in front of Zetsayaa, the heavy stack managing to stay somewhat together as it slid in front of the monk. Unfortunately for the rushed gnome, Zetsayaa was too busy attempting to signal over a nearby night elf waitress. "Over here" she called out waving a blood stained gauntlet at night elf.

"I'll get you that!" Aureilla cried out already exasperated with the draenei's normal antics. "Just sign." She thrust a pen in front of the monk waiting for her to grasp it before turning and heading to speak with the bartender Mozzle. Blowing a strand of white hair from her face, the draenei set about signing the normal post fight contractual paperwork. As she worked her way through the stack of forms the pleasant sound of the Giggysprocks rushing footsteps approached her table. "Here is your drink." The gnome said setting it down carefully away from any of the forms. As soon as the drink hit the table, the gnome quickly began gathering up the already signed forms.

"Well this is all I need you know what to do with the rest." The gnome's words came out so quickly it sounded like almost one word, but before the Draenei could even look up from the one she was currently signing Auriella was gone. Shrugging her shoulders as she finished up the stack, the monk took up the task once more of flagging down a waitress, this time for some food. With her drink finally in hand the monk made herself comfortable in the booth, the noise of the crowd rising up to the loft confines of the VIP section of Bizmo's Brawlpup. Having succeeded in flagging down a human to place her order with, Zetsayaa couldn't help but grin as she watched the woman walk away from her.

"You look too happy". An unwelcome voice called out, as a lanky man slid into the seat next to her. "Let's ruin that good mood." His nasally laughter forced a cringe from the monk as he slapped down a photo on the table in front of Zetsayaa. "Your next opponent. It'll be a good match, even too I promise this time."

"Last time you promised such things,  I found myself fighting a man who threw livestock. Chickens I think." She said flatly. Her glare was hard on the weaselly man as she kicked her hooves up on the table. Zetsayaa didn't break her glare as she took a long sip waiting for him to expound.

"It's Blingtron 5000 the most advanced combat unit in the world." The man waved his hands out in front of his face, his voice rising above the din of the room "Steel, magic, elec-"

"No." Coldly cutting him off before he could even finish spinning his grandiose tale, she places her mug on the table before continuing. "I do not want to fight some robot give me something better." Zetsayaa looked away from the man down to the arena below. Cries rose up as the end of another fight was punctuated by a loud crack and then louder cheers.

"It is better" He said pleading. "It's the finest in automated combat engineering. I promise it will be a good fight. I'll even take half commission!"

Grunts, and the sounds of a scuffle drew the monk attention rousing her from her seat. Walking away from the booth she approached the edge of the overhang looking down at the growing drunken scrum below. 

"Free!" He called out rising from his seat following. As her back remained to him, a growing sense of tension began to grip him. Gnawing on his lip, the man was forced to play the final card he had left. "Fine agree to take the fight and I'll give you this." Reluctantly reaching into his inside of his coat, he produced a faded black envelope with an ornate yellow wax seal affixed to the front. Turning to look over her shoulder as the man produced the letter, the Draenei soon found herself advancing on the man. 

"Give me that you fool before I take you as the next challenger." 

"Only if you take the fight, I need you too please." The man took a step back holding the letter an arms distance away from her grasping hand. 

"How did you even get that?" She questioned batting aside the man's outstretched arm easily as she grabbed it from him. "I do not want you touching anything that is mine." Throwing his hands up in defeat, the man groaned watching her pop open the seal. "It came for you earlier. I don't know who dropped it off. Just showed up with your name on it according to everyone I talked too. Look just take the fight I'll do anything."

The Draenei was quiet as she finished scanning over the letter, her attention being drawn to the now full blown bar brawl occurring below. "Fine I will fight but you will make travel arrangements for me afterwards."

"Where too?" He questioned approaching her as she stepped to the edge, her form looming over the fight below. 

"I will let you know later." She said laughing falling down after noticing a man surrounded by a few others drop to one knee as the crowd edged in on him. 

"Zets-" He didn't bother with the rest of her name as she dropped over the edge and out of view. He watched for a moment as she had already thrown herself into the fray below, a whirlwind of action. Cracking two men's heads together, she found herself standing over the fallen patron. Turning she tossed the third assailant over a nearby table he charged. He could see her laugh but the sound was drowned out. The man turned walking away, the last he saw of her was the Draenei smashing a bottle into a man's head, a punch flying at someone else as she moved through the fray. He knew she would find him when she was finished, the siren call of the bar fight having finally won out.

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Application reviewed and approved after successful IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 11-05-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 12-05-2015
Member partner is Balther

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Strike 3: 03-15-2016
Re-apply on:  06-15-2016
Statute: 3. Activity
Number of Offenses: 2

Member has been inactive in guild functions without communication to guild leadership for far too long.  Player may reapply when life permits activity.

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