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Jados - Chaser

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1 Jados - Chaser on Mon Nov 30 2015, 21:20


*Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   :Jados
*Character Class  :Druid
 Character Level  :100
 Player Age (18+) :21
 Most Recent Guild:New to Alliance side. (Wolfheart Warband, Hordeside)
*Requested Role   :Chaser
*Character Notes  : 

  Aside from the fact that Jados is rather quiet and collected, this Druid of the Claw is known for his savagery when safeguarding the balance, and defending his people. A master of the feline form, Jados has taken to what few druids could consider a complete transformation, the druid being able to maintain a feline-humanoid form for extended periods of time, an art only recently taken to by some druids and similar to that of the original pack form.

  However, even with his lust for battle, as nearly all Claw druids have, Jados would sooner shy away from a fight that he need not get into, than jump straight into combat with little reason other than that he is fighting. As such, this particular druid has taken to gardening, which is not all that common for a druid, but for one of his ilk, whose forms were developed for fighting, it is rather odd to see him tending to a garden rather than hunting. But then again, Jados is more at peace within nature, than he is with other people... Even if he does like to people-watch from time to time.

  Well into his seventeenth millenia, this particular druid is no stranger to his craft, or the vast lands of Azeroth. Through his journeys with the Circle, and his long fits of wandering, this druid has scouted out and come to know near every inch of Kalimdor, and the Eastern Kingdoms all the same. Regardless of the land he is traversing, Jados is no stranger to taking flight or rushing through a forest, and does so with speed and agility rivaled by very few. This is his life, and this is what he lives for.

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2 Re: Jados - Chaser on Tue Dec 01 2015, 06:32


Application reviewed and approved pending successful OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 12-01-2015
OOC interview to be completed at earliest opportunity.

3 Re: Jados - Chaser on Tue Dec 01 2015, 17:14


OOC interview successfully completed by Espectra (guild lead) 12-01-2015
Member to promote to Chaser 01-01-2016
Member partner is Rethelle

4 Re: Jados - Chaser on Mon Jan 04 2016, 15:24


Member vanished from server without leaving the guild on an unknown date.  Member's absence discovered 01-04-2016 when holiday activity waiver expired.

Despite still being in new-member probation, due to the unusual nature of the way the member left, the three-month ban is imposed.

Player may reapply on 04-04-2016.

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