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Evirstinn- Opportunist

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1 Evirstinn- Opportunist on Sun Dec 06 2015, 14:56


Have you read the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Do you agree to abide by the Guild Laws?: Yes
*Character Name   : Jolie Evirstinn
*Character Class  : Warlock
 Character Level  : 100
 Player Age (18+) : 20
 Most Recent Guild: None
*Requested Role   : Opportunist
*Character Notes  :

Jolie comes from a fairly wealthy Gilnean family, and has been classically trained in many trades throughout her life in order to become a "well-balanced" young woman, as her family would say. She has been put through rigorous training in magic by several different professors associated with the Kirin Tor, and has grown into a fairly powerful mage. There are rumors that she has dabbled in darker magics, and has even attempted necromancy, but there is currently no proof that this is true.

After managing to leave Gilneas unafflicted, while losing her home and family in the process, she has taken up a living as a designer and seamstress for the Alliance, at least those that can afford it. She is known for her work displayed in the several tailoring shops in Stormwind, and her commissions have been seen in several stage productions. She has many ties to the numerous entertainers and theatre groups in the Eastern Kingdoms, and tends to associate with the "in crowd" of performers and other local celebrities.

2 Re: Evirstinn- Opportunist on Mon Dec 07 2015, 05:50


Application reviewed and approved pending IC and OOC interview by Espectra (guild lead) 12-07-2015
IC and OOC interview to be completed at earliest available opportunity.

3 Re: Evirstinn- Opportunist on Tue Dec 08 2015, 00:38


IC interview successfully completed by Lillyashdown 12-07-2015
OOC interview completed by Espectra (guild lead) 12-07-2015
Member to promote to Opportunist 01-07-2016
Member partner is Lillyashdown

4 Re: Evirstinn- Opportunist on Mon Feb 08 2016, 18:22


Strike 3: 02-08-2016
Re-apply on: 05-08-2016
Strike 1: New Member
Strike 2: 12-07-2015
Statute:  3: Activity
Number of Offenses: 1

Member has been entirely inactive in the guild since her probationary period began.

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